Nova City Development
Nova City Development

Year of foundation: 2021

Scope of activity: modular construction and affordable economy-class housing              

Summing up the results of 2020, the management of BI Group decided to create an independent unit in the structure of the Holding for the construction of affordable housing. The “Nova City” brand has already managed to make itself known on the domestic real estate market, having built an ecosystem in the capital near EXPO-2017 area.

Apartments in such residential complexes as “Sezim Qala”, “NC on St. Turan”, “NC on St. Ryskulbekov” and “Aru Qala” are in great demand not only due to their availability, but also to the high quality of construction and service.

The “NC Development” company also united under its name the innovative modular construction facility “ModeX” and Industrial Housing Complex “Temirtas Astana”.

The company has many ambitious plans, including the development of new regional markets. The expansion of construction in Almaty and Shymkent is the first stage of the plan of the company. 

The major criterion will always be to meet the demand for affordable and comfortable housing for the population.


Completed projects:

  • Sezim Qala RC 1-2
  • Sunrise RC
  • Nova City RC 1-15, 17-22

Current projects:

  • Nova City on Ryskulbekova RC
  • Sezim Qala RC 8
  • Nova City RC 16
  • Sezim Qala RC 7
  • Sezim Qala RC 6
  • Aru Kala RC

Upcoming projects:

  • Nova City South RC
  • At the Arena RC
  • Kainar RC
  • Nova City on Turan RC 3
  • Sezim Qala RC 11
  • Sezim Qala RC 12
  • Sezim Qala RC 9
  • Aru Kala RC 2,3,4

Ruslan Mergalimov

General director of Nova City Development company    

Nova City Development
Nova City Development