Corporate social responsibility
BI Sport Club

The holding pays special attention to sport and sports achievements of its employees. Every year we run thousands of kilometers in Almaty Marathon, BI Marathon, Astana Marathon and races abroad. In 2016, we held our first BI Marathon, which has become an annual sports festival. Today the company has 240 marathon runners and 24 Ironmen. The company leader Aidyn Rakhimbayev raised the national flag at the IRONMAN Kona World Championship in Hawaii for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan.

BI Marathon is an international sports competition, which is held annually on the last Sunday of May in Astana and is the only fully charitable event. All contributions of runners for participation in the marathon are directly allocated to the “Zhuldyzai” Fund for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with special needs. Thanks to contributions from participants, the necessary equipment for the treatment of children with infantile cerebral paralysis was purchased.


  •  promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  •  involving the population into active physical activities and sports;
  •  development of mass sports;
  •  support of talented young athletes;
  •  support and development of social responsibility of business
  •  support of charitable projects of republican significance.