Created in 2012.

In May 2018, it was accredited by an independent Kazakhstani agency for quality assurance in education.

For 9 years of successful work BI University:

educated over 18 000 students
trained 90 internal certified trainers
opened affiliates in Almaty and Shymkent


Our partners

Skolkovo Business Management School, Moscow, Russia

KazNRTU them K. Satpayev, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Training Center of Zevira Toleutaeva, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Russian online school for learning English "SkyEng", Moscow, Russia

Kazakhstan online school for learning English "Qlang", Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Eurasian National University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Qamalladin Education, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Bogdanov & Partners. Project Management in Russia, Moscow, Russia
High-quality education of the company's employees and everyone who wants to get special knowledge.