Charitable Foundation "BI-Zhuldyzai" summed up the results of activities for 2020

25 ЯНВАРЯ / 21

More than a thousand young Kazakhstanis underwent medical rehabilitation, spoke for the first time and took their first steps.

Last year, the BI-Zhuldyzai Foundation, despite the quarantine measures and economic difficulties in the pandemic, continued its charitable activities and helped 1253 children with difficult medical diagnoses.

"BI-Zhuldyzai" has been providing material, social and medical assistance to children with special needs for 17 years.

"2020 turned out to be a difficult year for everyone, and summing up the results, we were once again convinced how important health and support of each other is in life, " says the director of the foundation, Gulkhan Isabayeva. - From year to year, our achievements and results are becoming more significant. "BI-Zhuldyzai" has always called and encourages people to be indifferent. Last year, the restrictions associated with the pandemic made adjustments to the work - some of the procedures had to be postponed, but even in such conditions, a lot has been achieved! This year the charitable foundation will continue its mission ".

The fund's activities are carried out at the expense of monthly deductions from the salaries of employees of the construction holding and deductions from individual patrons of the arts. All funds raised in 2020 were directed to medical care and rehabilitation of children with special needs.

Last year, the foundation provided assistance to 1,253 children. Rehabilitation assistance was provided to 479 children from socially vulnerable groups of the population. Also in the medical centers "Zhuldyzai" services were provided under contracts for 774 children. The Early Rehabilitation project covered 259 babies under the age of 3 years.

In total, 52,603 ​​rehabilitation services were provided in 2020.

Traditionally, the ceremony "Tusau Keser" was held. During the year, another 10 children took their first steps in life thanks to rehabilitation in the center "Zhuldyzai". The long-standing tradition of "Tilashar" has also been renewed. 14 children with delayed speech delighted their parents by speaking the first words.

The center has helped 1,088 children improve their self-care and movement skills. Learning skills were developed in 650 children, and speech disorders were corrected in 880 children.

Under the mentoring program, 28 consultations and 1 master class were held, in which domestic surgeons performed 12 operations using an innovative method together with the leading orthopedic surgeon from Lithuania Virgilius Urbanavicius in Atyrau and Almaty.

Local specialists of the Foundation's medical centers have also been trained.

6 doctors - on the topic: "Application of the international classification of functioning, disabilities and health (ICF) in medical rehabilitation." 24 employees learned remotely the course "Rehabilitation of children after surgical correction of congenital heart disease (CHD) in the conditions of the Rehabilitation Center" at the Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Center "SSH named after A.N. Bakulev ”of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

In 2020, the equipment in the medical rehabilitation centers "Zhuldyzai" was replenished with innovative devices:

• Ergometric system Zebris with video analysis function based on the h / p / cosmos mercury treadmill. It improves coordination and balance.

• Mechanotherapy unit "ORMED-kineso" to improve the depth of breathing and blood supply to the affected areas of the body, to increase the reserve and compensatory capabilities of the body.

• Physiotherapy device BTL Smart, which is used to increase immunity and accelerate recovery processes in tissues and organs.

• The BTL-6000 Lymphastim pressotherapy apparatus is aimed at improving metabolic processes and blood circulation, removing excess fluid.

• Multifunctional block pneumatic trainer (Pulley) for functional rehabilitation AB HUR OY

• Bicycle ergometer with blood pressure monitoring modules from the BTL-089 electrocardiograph kit is intended for diagnostics and determination of exercise tolerance.

As for the plans of the fund, in 2021, for the first time, the rehabilitation of children who have undergone cardiac surgery and with pathologies of the cardiovascular system will be carried out.

Also this year, the profile of the mentoring program for surgical innovations in the field of ENT diseases and eye diseases will be expanded.

The charitable foundation will continue to provide assistance to children, despite the pandemic!