BI Development Shymkent/Tashkent

Year of foundation: 2019

Scope of activity : residential and commercial construction; business centers, service support of the constructed facilities 

The Directorate represents the BI Development Company in the third largest metropolitan area of the country. The main goal is a high quality standard of residential and commercial construction. Improving the architectural appearance of the city, improving the quality of life, introducing new service standards through innovative technologies and digitalization.

Completed projects:

• Tamerlan Residence RC

• Al’ Farabi RC

• Tumar Apartments RC

• Denropark Buisness RC 1 stage

Current projects:

• Altair RC

• Klubnyi dom 39 RC

• Dendropark Business RC 2 stage

• Bigville Arman Qala

• Bigville Grand Park

• Bigville Atamura

Arman Kabylkas


Division BI Development Shymkent/Tashkent