Almaty Department

Year of foundation: 2017

Field of activity: infrastructure and civil construction


The Almaty division is one of the largest divisions of the company, which operates in the field of industrial, civil and infrastructure construction. Its activities cover the city of Almaty and the Almaty region, where in almost every part of it, large-scale work is underway to build strategically important industrial and civil facilities.


Completed projects:

• Sports and recreation complex in the village. Shamalgan, Almaty region;

• Reconstruction of Nazarbayev Avenue in Almaty;

• Drama theater in Taldykorgan;

• School in the village of Aytey for 1200 students;

• Reconstruction of the Telecentre in Almaty;

• Hospital in Almaty

• An extension to a school in the village of Kassymbek.

• LOK "Alatau" in Almaty.


Current projects:

• 5 schools in Almaty

Daniyar Ospanov


Almaty Department