BI Development Almaty

Year of foundation: 2011
Scope of activity: multi-storey residential complexes in Almaty city

Today, the division has 290 employees. One of the first projects was the residential complex "Korkem Tau" on the Eastern Orbital Highway, as well as the “Hyundai premium” and “Bavaria” car dealerships. Soon it is planned to open a new perspective project in Shymkent.

Completed projects:

‘’Asyl Tau’’ RC, 1st ,2nd ,3rd, 4 construction stage
‘’Sezam’’ RC
Gagarin Park 1st,2nd, 3rd construction stage
‘’Amanat’’ RC
‘’Zhana Zhetisu’’ RC

Current projects:

“Art Residence” RC 1st,2nd construction stage
“Central avenue” RC 1st construction stage
''Atameken’’ RC
''Hyde park’’ RC
''Gulder’’ RC 1st construction stage
''Bereket’’ RC

Upcoming projects:
''Lake town’’ RC
''Gulder’’ RC 2nd construction stage
‘’Central avenue’’ RC 2nd construction stage
“Tamerlan Residence” RC (Shymkent)

Aidos Mukataev


Division BI Development Almaty