Regional and international project management

The Department of Regional and International Projects is a new division in the structure of BI Development, established in February 2023. The management is engaged in the development of the company in the regions of Kazakhstan and outside the country. At the moment, the team is implementing projects of residential complexes in the west of Kazakhstan. The exits to the Atyrau and Aktau markets were respectively carried out in 2018 and 2021. Management sets the trend in the regions and changes the perception of residents about the standards of construction.


Completed projects:

  • Residential Complex Zaman 1,2
  • Residential Complex Talan 1-1, 1-2-1
  • Residential Complex Talan Life
  • Aktau villas
  •  AktauRiviera Apartment 1

Current projects:

  • Bigville Talan
  • AktauRiviera Apartments 2
Olzhas Ayazbaev


Management Regional and international project management