Nova City

Year of foundation: 2016
Scope of activity: affordable economy-class housing, standard and comfort class construction.

In 2016, “BI Group” company created a subsidiary company “OTAU Development Group” with the aim of developing economy-class housing projects, as well as introducing new technologies within the framework of industrial housing construction

There was a rebranding in October 2018, so a new name “Nova City” of the company had approved.

The new company built the whole ecosystem in the area of the EXPO exhibition in Astana city. During five years “Nova City” has been successfully doing the construction of standard-segment housing in the capital.

The slogan of the company - Growing together! Each of our steps is a leap towards high quality of construction and everyday life.

We know how to build modern housing that meets the present-day’s requirements and how to maintain the advantages for many decades at an affordable cost.


Completed projects:

  • Sezim Qala RC 1-2;
  • Sunrise RC;
  • Nova City RC 1-15, 17-22.

Current projects:

  • Nova City on Ryskulbekova RC
  • Sezim Qala RC 4, 6-8
  • NC on Turan RC 1-2
  • Aru Qala RC 1-3
  • Southern RC

Upcoming projects

  • NC Near the Arena RC
  • Kaynar RC
  • Paramount City RC
  • NC on Turan RC 5
  • Sezim Qala RC 10, 12
  • Aru Qala RC 4
  • Shakarim RC

Andrey Gutsal


Division Nova City