• Mission
  • Goal
  • Values

Our Mission

To Build Happiness!

Our Higher Purpose

To provide every family with a house of dream and every city with an advanced infrastructure applying the latest construction technologies, mastering our skills every day and building happiness for the benefit of people.


To become the leading Construction tech in the CIS thanks to the key strategic focuses:

Our ideology is. Every day we compete with ourselves and the market boosting the better product and service, anticipating the expectations of our clients:

  • B2С
  • B2В
  • B2G

We are inspired by the craft professionals:
Success formula of BI – is the intellectual potential of our employees and partners multiplied by a unique corporate culture of BI team.

  • Star factory for juniors
  • Professional and financial lift for seniors
  • Right and possibility for anyone to become the holding co-owner

We believe in the world of breakthrough technologies and innovations:
Increasing the efficiency by automation and optimization, we are aimed at reducing the terms of housing construction to 6 months using the module technologies.

  • BIM
  • Prefab by Modex

We develop the 360 digital ecosystems for the sake of our client, partner, employee, and the branch.

  • BigApp
  • BI Rent
  • BI Partners
  • Smart Remarket
  • HRMS
  • Opera Build
  • Smart Remont

We are aimed to strengthen and keep the leading positions in Kazakhstan ensuring the Holding turnover of $ 2bln by 2024 through integrated development of cities and industrial constructions.

We inspire with new possibilities and new areas:
We are aimed to enter the leading developers of Uzbekistan and Russia in the priority sectors for us:



  • Power Engineering
  • Oil & Gas
  • Sea Ports

We focus on financial transparency, long-term stability, and high investment return by 2024:

  • Turnover $2 bln. with average annual growth 24%
  • EBITDA 36%
  • ROE 35%
  • Successful IPO with the further offering on the Russian stock exchange
  • S&P Solvency rating –“BB+”

We believe that every family will be happy to get its home:
By 2024 every third apartment of BI will be realized in the Econom segment

  • Rental housing development
  • Hypothec instrument development
  1. – We give opportunity to be yourself, opportunity of self-expression, ensuring confidence in communication.
  2. – We respect everyone's opinion and take it into account in making decisions.
  3. – We recognize mistakes even after a while in order to deserve confidence.
  4. – We show empathy when working together.
  1. – We make all efforts to perform our obligations.
  2. – We are result-oriented.
  3. – We recognize everyone’s efforts and award him/her justly.
  1. – We are interested in each other, everyone makes contribution to the common cause.
  2. – We are self-motivated and try to do all possible to achieve high quality.
  3. – We support each other as responsible for ourselves and colleagues.
  4. – We listen to everyone to come to a settlement.
  5. – We ask necessary questions as we will not be condemned by anybody.