• Mission
  • Values

WE, the company BI Group, are engaged in the development, construction and management of residential and commercial real estate, engineering and construction of social, industrial and infrastructural facilities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

BASED ON OUR UNIQUE ABILITIES: identifiable brand, reliable business partnership, development system, motivation and advanced training and education of employees.

OUR CLIENTS are private individuals, business structures and the state.

OUR MISSION - Building happiness

Considering the key trends trends of economy segment and rental housing market, growing competition and increasing the importance of deep conceptual development of construction projects.

FOLLOWING THE PRINCIPLE «HAPPY EMPLOYEE = HAPPY CUSTOMER = SUCCESSFUL COMPANY», BI Group team consists of the best people, who are inspired and driven by a big dream - to build happiness! Without forgetting that we are all members of the one team, united by a special corporate culture, including:

  • Steady improvement of business processes, products and personally yourself - Lean approach;
  • Attitude to work as to your own business and the possibility of any employee to become a co-owner of the Company;
  • Knowing that we are here for a long time and we think about the prospect of 10–20 years ahead.

We have formed the following purposes:
  • Reengineering the BI Group company structure and business processes;
  • Reduction in the share of overhead costs;
  • Development of the markets for construction of industrial and civil facilities in neighboring countries;
  • Development of the market of oil and gas and energy construction;
  • Strengthening the leading position in creating trends and building residential and commercial real estate in Almaty and in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Large-scale introduction of industrial housing (prefabrication);
  • Development of rental housing market.

Reaching which, by 2022, we intend to achieve the following indicators:

  • Improve the quality of planning current and future projects with integration of production functions and customer interaction in the segment of main construction trade of social, industrial and infrastructure projects;
  • Carry out joint planning with designers, suppliers and contractors; create a knowledge base to learn lessons from each project, increase the efficiency of procedure for selecting projects in foreign countries;
  • Improve project cost management;
  • Acquire competences for creation of JV - joint ventures with leading foreign construction companies;
  • Clearly delineate duties, powers and outlines of interaction with foreign partners when creating a JV;
  • Adopt the experience and competence in calculating and optimizing the cost of construction from leading international construction companies;
  • Acquire and invest in companies with industrial construction experience;
  • Create partnerships with large banks of the republic of Kazakhstan and the near abroad;
  • Implement a corporate project management standard, a risk management system, debug business processes and adapt them to the requirements of foreign ordering customers, provide a high level of HSE functions (health, safety, and environment);
  • Implement a loyalty program for suppliers and contractors, integrate engineering and procurement;
  • Develop partners, suppliers and contractors, share management tools with them;
  • Create a pool of design partners, implementing Value engineering, developing “from idea to finished product” approach in the segment of main construction trade of social, industrial and infrastructure projects;
  • Implement pilot-exploration projects for residential real estate in the countries of near and far abroad;
  • Build a plant - MODEX house-building factory (Astana, Almaty)
We are taking the following steps:
  • Achievement of NPS (customer loyalty index of the company) not less than 67% for all residential and commercial real estate;
  • Entry into the Top 10 international construction contractors in the near abroad;
  • Minimum 30% of all revenue in the residential real estate market will be generated in the economy segment (Nova City);
  • Acquire engineering competencies in industrial housing construction and accelera-ting the construction period of a house up to 6 months;
  • Update corporate standards for the business model of economy class residential real estate and for regional projects
Based on the principle «Happy employee = Happy client»
  • Develop quarterly development of territories with infrastructure;
  • Offer a new standard of noise and waterproofing above existing in Kazakhstan SNIPS;
  • Provide final finishing in 100% of the rooms in the “comfort”, “standard” and “business” classes, and 50% of the above-mentioned indicator in the “premium” class;
  • Offer buyers the Trade-in program (purchase-exchange of secondary housing for primary housing);
  • Achieve speed and the wow-effect as a whole (the effect of enthusiastic surprise) when dealing with appeals from residents of houses built and maintained by the BI Group company;
  • Maximize the standards of warranty service;
  • Implement scheduling and standardization of services;
  • Automate the accounting and reporting of common house expenses;
  • Introduce additional services, including digital, and providing increased security requirements for residents and tenants;
  • Widely introduce digital marketing of products of the BI Group company;
  • Contribute to the development of a program of public-private partnerships for the construction of urban engineering networks projects;
  • Promoting activities in the realization of EPC contracts (turnkey construction) in implementation of civil and infrastructure construction in Kazakhstan;
  • Provide affordable and sufficient working capital; diversify funding and reach the share of private investors up to 50% in development projects; increase the reserve fund;
  • We carry out staff planning and compile a database of qualified workers; we attract English-speaking staff with experience in implemented industrial projects; improve the motivation system of service staff;
  • We develop the skills of “People Management” (a communicative technique aimed at a positive impact on the consciousness of employees) among the chiefs at all levels;
  • We ensure the correct communication and explanation of the decisions taken by the employees, introduce the collective development of solutions to improve their quality.

In any activity, we rely on our core values:

  • Respect and Care about each other

    We give opportunity to be yourself, opportunity of self-expression, ensuring confidence in communication.

    We respect everyone's opinion and take it into account in making decisions.

    We recognize mistakes even after a while in order to deserve confidence.

    We show empathy when working together.

  • Responsibility and Justice

    We make all efforts to perform our obligations.

    We are result-oriented.

    We recognize everyone’s efforts and award him/her justly.

  • Teamwork and Involvement

    We are interested in each other, everyone makes contribution to the common cause.

    We are self-motivated and try to do all possible to achieve high quality.

    We support each other as responsible for ourselves and colleagues.

    We listen to everyone to come to a settlement.

    We ask necessary questions as we will not be condemned by anybody.