13 АВГУСТА / 18 BI Infra Construction
+25% to the efficiency

Innovative builders. BI Road Construction successfully implemented
digitalization. For instance: 3D-leveling technology is applied on the
section 30-47 km of the Shchuchinsk-Zerenda project. It simplifies
and boosts production. And also substantially saves time and material,
including oils and lubricants. Equipment wear is reduced, while you
can carry out double works per one shift, efficiency shall rise by 25%.
If we speak about the system as whole, it is the automated complex,
which is installed on road equipment: road scraper, excavator,
bulldozer, roller or asphalt spreader. It enables operating in the
automatic mode with satellite or optic devices.
Zhangeldy Asmiyev, Head of Mechanisation Unit, said that projects
have 12 Trimble systems and 1 Leica system, in the near one and half
of a year, they will purchase 19 systems. Let`s remember that BI
Road Construction is the first construction company in Kazakhstan,
which implemented the leveling system on the asphalt spreader and
applied BIM project model. And moreover, the first company in the
world, which installed 3D-leveling system on the level blade of the

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