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7Я is the social unit!
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Most facilities of BI Group company are built on the left bank, but
there are many houses on the right bank. One of them is 7Я RC.
Today we deliver the fourth stage of the project full of surprises.
119-apartment house has been built in 14 months. The project team
installed 4 Symax elevators: two cargo and two passenger for 21 floor
house. Particular attention should be given to the entrance to the
playground from the street. It looks like one big ramp, without
standards stairs, which is convenient for mothers with strollers.⠀
— This residential complex has implemented the wall-in-wall
technology enhancing the isolation level between apartments. We are
particularly proud of our yard. It is divided on 2 topics: traffic rules
and jungles. We have the bright-colored palm, animal figures,
transformer substation. And planted 45 seedlings. People are happy to
rest there, — said the Area Supervisor, Bekezhan Yermekkaliyev.⠀
— We liked the doors, they are so beautiful, covered with MDF from
two sides. I`ve known that the company applied the antinoise base
layer, which is very convenient.⠀
— We have chosen this house due to its good location, near is the
new Schoolchildren`s Palace. And we liked also the yard, I`ve never
seen such a big yard with great number of amusements for people of
all ages.⠀
Having given a congratulatory speect, Board Chairman of BI
Development, Amangeldy Omarov noted that residents own not only
apartments, but also the house and asked them to take good care of

the communal equipment. The market price of the house depends on
By the way, let`s talk about the surprise. The complex has free
apartments, even one-room. Ask for details in the sales office.⠀

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