30 АВГУСТА / 18 BI Development
98 Astana citizens get new flats on the Constitution day

Each season of Vremena goda residential complex has own
peculiarities. Leto has 12 benefits and only 1 disadvantage.⠀
1) There is no traditional asphalt, which cracks and heats in the hot
weather. It is better to lay the block pavement and easier to demolish
2) We used the non-barrier environment, i.e. no curbs. It`s a big
advantage for moms with strollers, bike riders and disabled people.
3) The standard transformer substation became the ART-object
having showed modern and retro heroes.⠀
4) The yard has 20 spruces and 120 currant bushes.⠀
5) The child`s playground has drain holes preventing moisture
collection on tartan.⠀
6) The house belongs to the comfort class, but has Silver elevators
(South Korea).⠀
7) Heated porch. In winter you shouldn`t pick the ice and be afraid to
8) The flowerbed is concrete having long service life. This house is
one of most useful facilities for further living.⠀
9) Fire-resistant doors in a smoke-free corridor can stand fire within
60 minutes.⠀
10) Entry phones are located in the portal preventing people getting
wet after rain or freezing.⠀
11) We installed boxes not only for post, but waste paper.
12) There is the Botanic Garden across the road, some of 98
apartments has the spectacular view.
We found 12 benefits, while happy new residents increased this
number to 15.⠀

— Construction quality and reliability of the company.⠀
— Location. We have three children of school and pre-school age.
There is the kindergarten and school No. 76 with Kazakh tuition
The only disadvantage is that all apartments have been sold in the
ready complex F, but Leto has other new stages to be built near it.⠀

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