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A new era in Atyrau!

On the eve of Nauryz, the most beloved holiday of all Kazakhstan citizens, Atyrau hosted a presentation of the Zaman residential complex. This is the first project from the BI Group construction company in the oil capital of the republic.
An important guest of the event was Serik Shapkenov, akim of Atyrau, who congratulated all the residents of the city and delivered a welcome speech:
- The housing issue is acute for many Kazakhstan citizens and the head of state has repeatedly set the task of improving the quality and affordability of housing. We, the residents of Atyrau, are very pleased that the BI Group company provided an opportunity to purchase primary residence. I am sure that the Zaman residential complex will become a decoration of the city and a warm hearth for many families.
Also, the participants of the event were congratulated by Omarov Amangeldy, the Chairman of the Board of BI Development.
For many residents this evening was the first acquaintance with the BI Group company, but there were those who already purchased an apartment in Astana or Almaty, and finally they got opportunity to buy an accommodation in their hometown. One of these clients is Almagul Zhanbulatova: "Last year, I bought an apartment in your company for my daughter in Astana, and then I thought how wonderful it would be if such residential complexes were built in my home city. Perhaps the universe heard me, and today, being on this presentation, I'm ready to buy an apartment in a residential complex Zaman!".
In addition to the concert program, guests of the evening had the opportunity to receive information about the complex from the sales managers and book the apartment they liked for the subsequent repayment.
The complex will be located in the very center of Atyrau, the total number of apartments is 475. The houses will be 2, 9, 12 and 16 storied buildings; the height of the ceilings in the apartments is 3 meters.
One of the main advantages of the complex is location. Living there, in less than 10 minutes you will be in the largest shopping centers of the city, as well as in the main square of Atyrau named Isatai and Makhambet, which is situated across the road.
RC Zaman is a new era of your life!

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