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The first BI Chess was held in Shymkent on the International Chess day
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The first city rating tournament BI Chess was held in Shymkent on July 20 on the International Chess Day.

The main sponsor and organizer of the tournament dedicated to the centenary of Asanbai Askarov was the innovative construction holding BI Group. Representatives of the company noted that the issue of annual holding of the competition is being considered.

125 local chess players took part in the tournament: masters of the 2nd category and above, as well as amateurs who passed a special qualifying round. The competitions were held in two age categories: up to 60 years and from 60 years and older.

Before the start of the event, the elders gave bata to those present.

Oleg Ni, the oldest participant of the tournament, commented:

- I am very glad to see our young people here. Shymkent is famous for its chess players and strong chess schools. It's really a noble game that brings people together. I wish everyone not to stop playing chess!

BI Chess was held according to the Swiss system. The time control in the competition was 10 + 5. The latter means that each participant was given 10 minutes for one game, where 5 seconds were given for a move.

The whole game was reflected on the official website of the international database of chess tournaments https://chess-results.com/fed.aspx?lan=11&fed=KAZ  in online mode.

The winners were determined in accordance with the FIDE international regulations. Getting into this rating is the goal of any chess player.

The winner in the first age category with a margin of 0.5 points was chess player Abubakir Zholdasov with a total score of 6 points. The winner in the second age category is Abilmansur Abdilkhaiyr with a score of 8 points.

According to the results of the first BI Chess city rating tournament, the second and third places in two categories were taken by:

• 2nd place: Aldiyar Nysanov

• 3rd place: Amirbek Saparov

• 2nd place: Nurasyl Zhumabek

• 3rd place: Zeynep Sultanbek

Zeynep shared:

- I defended my international level of chess skills in the Maldives, and now I plan to participate in competitions in Indonesia. I express my gratitude to BI Group for organizing this event, for honoring Chess Day. Everything was at the highest level!

The youngest participant of the tournament - Dayana Baltabek and the oldest - Sergey Ni were also awarded.

Congratulations to all chess players!

For reference:

BI Group is focused on philanthropy and has been actively involved in the life of society for 27 years.

The holding has implemented many social and charitable projects. Among them: the BI-Juldyzai corporate foundation, "Trails of Happiness" - a project to improve mountain trails in Almaty, sports initiatives such as BI Marathon, as well as the BI Green eco-movement and much more.
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