17 АВГУСТА / 18 BI Construction & Engineering
Happy Birthday, BI Construction!

BI Construction company has been founded exactly one year ago, on
August 17, 2017.

After the regular meeting the Board of Directors decided to
reorganize road divisions as the individual department, and founded
BI Construction company, having such divisions as: BI Civil and ICC
and two administrations called Special projects and Urban
Construction (Almaty ICCA).

The company implements strategic state projects of industrial and
civil, infrastructural purpose, carrying out the biggest tender projects
in Kazakhstan. Successful team work resulted in acknowledgement as
a reliable subcontractor, which participated in making of significant
projects in the country. This year we finished construction of the
Botanic Garden, bike path sections in Astana on the behalf of
Turkestan region, and also plan to commission the pedestrian side of
Nazarbayev avenue in Almaty, Drama Theatre in Taldykorgan, the
Schoolchildren`s Palace and IT-centre in Petropavlovsk, Mosque in
Burabai village, Mosque and medrese in Astana, Noble BC in Astana.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aidyn Rakhimbayev, has the
personal congratulation of happy birthday to all employees of BI
Construction company: “Last year we have been creating our
company, BI Construction, in the midst of EXPO functioning on the
ICC division base, which has been already known everywhere. I wish
career growth to young employees, and high salary to all senior staff.
In whole I wish prosperity, wealth and bold ideas, congratulate you
Ruslan Mergalimov joined to congratulate the company giving special
thanks to own team and company in whole. “It`s all ahead: large and
beautiful facilities in Kazakhstan and abroad. We plan to extend scope
of works and increase the project profile. We are ready for a big work,
as we have only just begun”, - said Chairman of the Board of BI
We congratulate all BI Construction company staff! Our team is
growing and developing due to your daily contribution to the
company activity. We wish you to achieve all set goals and tasks,
good luck and well-being in family and at work!

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