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BINOM teachers and students have joined the annual BI Green campaign
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A traditional BI Green campaign was held in Astana today. Trees and shrubs were planted on the territory of the Triathlon Park by the joint efforts of teachers and students of the BINOM innovation school, employees of the BI Group construction company.

The participants of the large–scale landscaping project planted more than 200 trees: ash–leaved maples – 25 pcs., small–leaved elms - 25 pcs., mountain ash - 100 pcs., lilac and aronia - 60 pcs. The assortment of plants was chosen with the calculation of the harsh metropolitan climate - these plantings perfectly tolerate low temperatures and summer dry winds, they are drought- and salt-resistant.


"Astana is located in the steppe zone. There is practically no forest vegetation around the capital. Therefore, such actions are very important for the city.

We have difficult soil and climatic conditions, i.e. we need to select a special assortment of trees that we have developed and that grows in our climate. When planting, we change the salty soil one hundred percent, make a drainage layer at the bottom of the pit.

In general, we note that green spaces have a lot of functions. They purify the air, catch dust, gases, heavy metals, releasing phytoncides that disinfect. Also, trees create a microclimate, moisturize, and do not allow the soil to heat up. Landings significantly reduce background noise and wind load. Therefore, each company, according to its capabilities, should contribute to improving the ecology and microclimate of the capital," says Alexander Klimchuk, chief dendrologist of BI Group.


Despite the cloudy weather, there was a special atmosphere at the event. Great music, fun games and delicious treats gave a great mood to all participants.


The students of the BINOM innovation school reacted to the planting of green spaces with great enthusiasm and responsibility. The children planted trees on their own according to the instructions of dendrologists and proudly hung tags with their names on the seedlings.


"I express my great gratitude to BI Group for today's holiday. We are glad to be a part of this project, which contributes to the improvement of our ecology and the development of the city. The activity of students is especially pleasing. Only by our example, by teaching them to such good deeds, we can educate a conscious generation, real patriots of their Homeland," the participant of the action noted.


It should be noted that the BI Green campaign started in 2020 – then landscaping was carried out on an area of 219 thousand m2. During this period, more than 49,000 trees and shrubs have already been planted throughout Kazakhstan. In 2021, 2370 green spaces were donated to the Triathlon Park by BI Group.

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