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The spring landscaping season within BI Green continues!
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This Saturday, as part of the BI Green eco-project, clean-ups and tree planting events were held in Nur-Sultan and Atyrau, which were attended by residents of BI Group houses and more than 200 employees of the company. Thanks to the movement, more than 25,000 new trees have appeared throughout Kazakhstan in three years.

The main landscaping location was Nexpo bigwillies, where 130 large-sized trees were planted and the bigville alley "Generation", which was replenished with 70 new pines. 20 adult fir trees were also planted on the embankment next to the Flagman residential complex under construction.

These types of trees are the most suitable for the climate of Nur-Sultan, as they tolerate climate change well and are not picky about the soil. More than 200 more green spaces are planned to be planted this spring.

"Today we went out with the whole family to take part in the greening of the capital. We are very glad that such events are taking place all over the city. It is useful not only for the environment, but also for us to be close to nature and engage in active physical labor," says Sanjar, a future resident of Bigville "Generation".

For the first time, the BI Green campaign was held in Atyrau. 20 shrubs of white acacia, lilac and bulldonezh have been planted on the territory of Talan Bigville and Zaman residential complex. These plants will delight the residents with their abundant flowering and beauty.

Large-scale clean-up days were organized on the territory of the Nova City, Sezim Qala Baqyt, ‘’Vremena Goda’’, ‘’Sarmat’’, ‘’Nomad’’ and Well House residential complexes.

It is worth noting that BI Group recently announced its refusal to use paper in favor of digital media. For example, thanks to the integration of blockchain technology with online sales, the Holding has saved 2 million sheets only on paper purchase and sale contracts, which is 200 trees.

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