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Eco-movement in tree planting was held in Almaty
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A large-scale project on landscaping the country BI GREEN continued in Almaty. The action is organized by the innovative construction holding BI Group.

In the courtyard area of the residential complex "Asyl Tau", residents together with the company's employees planted their family trees and thus contributed to improving the environmental situation in Almaty.

230 trees and shrubs were planted. The choice of arborists when gardening in the southern metropolis fell on the plantings most suitable for its hot climate. Among them: spruce, catalpa, sumac, crimson, juniper, spirea.

Asset Ibraev, Project Director of the company:

"I am glad to welcome all the participants of the action, we are part of the eco-movement in our country. Last year BI Green was held in Shymkent for the first time, this year it started in Atyrau, now a wonderful and useful event is traditionally held in Almaty! Congratulations to everyone on this event!"

The landscaping campaign was opened by one of the important customs of the Kazakh people – bata beru.

Residents of the residential complex "Asyl Tau" noted:

"Today is a wonderful day. We were happy to join the BI Green campaign, went out to plant trees together with the children, instilling in them a love of work and our common home. Plantings not only decorate the city, but also give shade, coolness on hot days, purify the air, soften the climate. New trees will make our yard even more green, beautiful and comfortable."

Recall that the BI Green campaign was launched in 2020, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the innovative construction holding BI Group, and has become an annual good tradition.

Thanks to the BI Green eco-movement, more than 25,000 new trees have appeared throughout Kazakhstan in three years. Last year, the company's employees, together with residents, made landscaping on an area of 219 thousand m2 in Nur-Sultan.

Also recently, the company announced the abandonment of the use of paper in favor of digital media. Thanks to the integration of blockchain technology with online sales, BI Group has already saved 2 million sheets on paper sales contracts alone, which is 200 trees.

For reference: BI Group Construction Holding implements social and charitable projects within the framework of philanthropy, including: assistance to special children within the framework of the BI-Juldyzai corporate foundation, "Paths of Happiness", projects to support sports, medicine and education, popularization of the state language and, of course, the universally beloved BI Green campaign.
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