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BI Green's traditional landscaping campaign kicks off in Nur-Sultan

Tree planting is carried out by the BI Group innovation and construction holding within the framework of its corporate and social activities with the assistance of the Akimat of the city of Nu-Sultan. The purpose of the event is to create a convenient and comfortable city for life, to contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation.

Akimat representatives, residents and employees of BI Group planted four-meter pines - 55 pcs., Lilac - 40 pcs., Bird cherry - 40 pcs., Ash - 20 pcs., Poplar - 69 pcs., Maple - 15 pcs., Willow - 60 pcs. The assortment of plants was selected taking into account the harsh capital climate - these trees and shrubs perfectly tolerate low temperatures and summer dry winds, they are drought and salt tolerant.

“Our company sets a“ green ”trend in all regions of our presence. In areas of new mass development, we allocate space for green spaces during site planning. In addition, we plant thousands of trees every year in areas where residential complexes have already been built. We will continue and enhance this tradition. The Holding gives priority to the environment in its activities, ”said Kuanysh Aitzhanov, Director of Directorate 1 BI Group.

Landscaping was carried out on the territory of the residential complex "Sarmat" (Sauran street). Until the end of spring 2021, new plantings will appear in other areas of the capital - on the territories of the Green Quarter, Milan Quarter and Nomad Residential Complex. In general, within the framework of the spring action, it is planned to plant 769 trees, 265 shrubs and 950 small hedges.

“It is important to note that the developer, after putting the house into operation, continues not only to provide service, but also to plant greenery on the territory of the houses. Planting trees with the involvement of the tenant is becoming a good tradition, we would like other developers to adopt this experience. Our priority is clean air and a comfortable environment. Therefore, the greening of the capital is the work of not only state structures, but also the society itself as a whole, ”said the deputy akim of the region, Yesil Darmeniyar Kydyrbek-uly.

Last fall, BI Group also carried out a large-scale BI Green landscaping campaign on an area of ​​219 thousand square meters. meters. The landing was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the BI Group company, 1898 trees and 608 shrubs were donated to the city.

 “Greening the city is very important. Nur-Sultan is located in the steppe zone with solid farming conditions. There is practically no forest vegetation around the capital. We have difficult soil and climatic conditions, i.e. you need to select a special assortment of trees that we have developed and that grows in our climate. When planting, we change the salty soil one hundred percent, make a drainage layer at the bottom of the pit.

In general, I would like to note that green spaces have a lot of functions. They purify the air, trap dust, gases, heavy metals, emitting phytoncides that disinfect the air. Plants also create a microclimate, humidify the air, and prevent the soil from heating up. Landings significantly reduce background noise and wind load. Therefore, each company, following the example of BI Group, should contribute to the improvement of the ecology and microclimate of the capital, ”says the chief dendrologist of the Holding, Alexander Klimchuk.

In general, over the past two years, BI Group has planted more than 13 thousand trees and 21 thousand shrubs in Nur-Sultan.

The company strictly complies with the legislation on compulsory compensation for damage for cutting down trees in cases of emergency during the construction of facilities. The compensatory transplant is carried out in a ratio of 1 to 15.

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