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Neighbours honored the hero who saved a child in Nur-Sultan
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Residents of the residential complex "Kamal" came out to thank for the brave act of Sabit Shontakbayev, who saved a three-year-old girl in Nur-Sultan today.


It is a great honor to be neighbors of a courageous man, the audience noted. It is thanks to caring people that lives are saved.


The management company BI Service also expressed gratitude to the brave resident, presenting him with an award.


Note that the incident occurred today in the residential complex "Kamal". The child was outside the window of the 8th floor and could not get back into the apartment. Fortunately, at that time, the crying baby was seen by 36-year-old Sabit Shontakbayev hurrying to work. Without hesitation and risking his own life, he rushed to save the girl's life.


"I saw a hanging child, the only thought I had was to save her. I couldn't even think about myself at that moment," the hero said.

Sabit works as a builder, a handyman. His wife and four children live in Kyzylorda. He rents housing in the capital.

The man explains his agility and good physical shape by his military career. Previously, Sabit Shontakbayev worked as a border guard.

"My wife saw the video, said, well done. I didn't see the girl's parents. I saved her, I was in a hurry to go to work and handed her over to a neighbor from the seventh floor. Then I went to work," the man added.


It should be noted that today the hero was also awarded by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, handing him a badge "Totenshe jagdaydagy erligi ushin" and a wristwatch.



BI Service appeals to all residents: "Dear parents, take care of your

children, do not leave them unattended! Install special protection on windows (grilles, blockers or handles with a special lock). There is nothing more precious than the life and health of a child!"
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