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BI Group abandons paper in favor of digital technology

The innovative construction holding BI Group intends to reduce the use of printed materials, as well as to switch to the digital environment as much as possible.

Already this year, the company will abandon 95% of printed media. Thus, builders strive to maintain a policy of waste-free production, with minimal damage to the environment. All the necessary information will be transformed using the latest technologies and released in electronic format.

By refusing to consume paper products, the developer solves two important tasks at once. Firstly, it contributes to the conservation of nature and implements its social project BI Green, and secondly, it switches to the digital format of communications.

"Over the past six months, thanks to the integration of blockchain technology with online sales, we have saved more than 2 million sheets on paper sales contracts alone, or 200 trees - a whole square. The production of booklets about residential complexes, instructions, business cards, folders, notebooks, catalogs has been stopped – this is another 100 million. pages. In addition, the Holding takes an active part in the greening of the whole of Kazakhstan. More than 25 thousand plantings have already been planted as part of the BI Green eco-campaign. According to AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), it takes 17 trees, 26 thousand liters of water, 3 cubic meters of land, 240 liters of fuel and 4 thousand kWh of electricity to produce a ton of paper. The refusal to consume it will help to preserve all these resources that can be used for the benefit of civilization," says Askhat Omarov, CEO of the Holding.

One of the interesting solutions within the framework of this campaign is the secondary use of banners for the production of advertising products. Now the recycled posters will be used to make shopping bags for customers, folders for documents and more.

The BIG App has become a big step towards digitalization. With its help, 200 thousand clients of the company were able to store real estate documents in their personal account. The product also allows you to go through the entire process of purchasing an apartment: starting with the signing of a purchase / sale agreement using blockchain technology, ending with the reception of housing at the time of key transfer. And all this can be done without coming to the BI offices, having only a smartphone on hand. Thanks to the development, residents remotely receive a set of services necessary for a comfortable life: from managing a smart home to delivering groceries and repairing a crane.

Paper savings are also achieved through the BI Partners portal, where 40 thousand contractors can conclude contracts with the company using EDS. The Opera Build project helps to track the processes from the delivery of construction materials to the acceptance of finished objects. In general, BI Group has been developing IT services for several years, all of them are combined into a large-scale mechanism – BI Ecosystem. This is the first and unique digital ecosystem for Kazakhstan.

Recall that the other day the head of state instructed to reduce budget expenditures on stationery and related goods three times. Last year alone, 20.4 million packages (51 thousand tons) of A4 office paper were delivered to Kazakhstan for use in the domestic market.
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