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Drive Rolls-Royce and Live in Ray Residence
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Ray Residence sounds as laconic and prestigious as Rolls-Royce. March 15, 2018 in the sales department of BI Group there was a presentation of a new residential complex Ray Residence, which will be located in the heart of the business capital.
So what can be common for a car and a residential complex?
The first is comfort. The location between Nurzhol boulevard and Dostyk street will appeal not only to the "white collars", but also to those who like to be constantly in the center of events. The view from the windows will present a real aesthetic pleasure. They will be decorated as the bay windows. Another major aspect is the "Smart House" system. Among the currently important functions for Kazakhstan citizens there is a "remote access to the apartment." Let’s imagine that you left the apartment to go on holiday to warmer regions, but then the distant, but important guests come to the city. Using the application of the “Smart House” system on your smartphone, you can open the door with one click.
The second is a refined design. This object will be a bright decoration and will become the dominant element of the silhouette of this area.
The third is limited edition and luxury. In total it’s going to be 156 apartments. Also, among the pros is the presence of a multifunctional room in the complex, which is suitable for joint family events and business meetings. The entrance design would impress anyone. Tinted windows, marble, corrugated veneered wood and plaster cornices will give a feeling of luxury.
The fourth is reliability and safety. A fenced yard, equipped with video cameras, will give a feeling of calm for the parents. The facade as well as the frame itself will provide reliability. The facade is made of limestone and fibro-concrete. Limestone is distinguished by its strength and also characterized by high frost resistance.
The fifth - "Rolls-Royces" are still hand-assembled. At this point, it is impossible not to mention the builders and engineers of the BI Group team who build reliable and modern houses, rain or shine.

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