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Clients of BI Group met with the company leadership

Clients of BI Group met with the company leadership

The clients meeting of the BI Group company took place on the 5th of july in the metropolitan hotel «Hilton». To the meeting, that already became traditional, were invited apartment owners in residential compounds. «7Ya 4-1», Nura Esil-2, Orynbor Towers 1-2,3, Vivat Promenade, «Arnau- 6,7», «Seasons. Summer» - 1-1, «Kamal-5», Park Avenue – 3-3,4, «Premiere-3» - more than 500 people in total.
The Clients meeting - a great opportunity to communicate between consumers and developers - this time started with a pleasant event: Celebration of senior guests and birthday people in the audience. Also shareholding company leadership took an opportunity to point out the most pro-active and caring citizens, awarding them with memorable gifts.
Meeting between the company's TOP-management and clients, opened Chairman of the Board of the shareholding Amangeldy Omarov, telling the attendees about the company’s strategic objectives. He particularly emphasized that these meetings that took place for several years now, are an excellent opportunity for a direct dialog with clients. However, he also lamented the fact that not all invitees came to the meeting. That said, it does probably indicate, as well, absence of problems:
- We invited almost 2 000 people to today’s event, but there is only third in the room. Sometimes, the fact that not everybody comes, upsets us, but, on the other hand, it tells us that, probably, many people do not have problems in our houses. In any case, we are ready to discuss all the questions that our customers are concerned with. We get hundreds of appeals through other channels of communication, we do not always manage to talk to each of you, so today is a great opportunity to do so.
BI Group declared 2019 - «Year of the Client». In the framework of implementing policy directed towards improving quality of service, company BI Clients was created in the shareholding structure, with Asel Zhunusova as appointed general director.   In her statement she emphasized key aspects of the new company’s operations, noting that number of houses under management, is on the rise not only in the capital, but also across the country.
- This year BI Group turned 24 years. We are responsible for all our objects, not only new houses, but everything we have built over this 24 year period. Every house requires care like a living organism. For this reason we created BI Clients company. Our goal is to establish proper order on all objects.
She stressed that in order to find effective solutions for arising questions, BI Clients mobile application should be used, or you can use usual means: Through call-center on 330-330.
Over the course of the meeting the most pressing issues were discussed - apartment sound proofing, cold balconies, and car-washes in the house area. Many questions were promptly answered along the way. Furthermore, constructors were gathering hot-button issues and in the near future residents can see results of the performed works. Moreover, for the purposes of immediate solutions of the problems, constructors decided to visit the objects with the general director of BI Development, Maxim Chernyshov, at the helm.
Meeting pleasantly concluded with the traditional prize drawing among the clients who recently moved-in. They were granted prizes through program BI Club from company's partners: Certificates for household appliances and grand prize - tickets for an amount of 1,000,000 KZT, presented to Tamenov family - Farabi and Suraii.
- We didn’t expect to win. There were text messages about the prize drawing, but we paid no attention to them. It will be our first joint trip. We still haven't decided where to go. We are expecting baby, so, maybe, we will wait ‘till the baby is born. Thank you very much BI Group, for this opportunity.

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