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Gagarin park: ready to go!
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182 Almaty families will soon visit the new Gagarin park apartments. We passed the first phase of LCD comfort class. The house on Gagarin Avenue named after the first astronaut is a fundamentally new standard of housing.

At the Gagarin park presentation we tossed up the main prize – KZT 100 000. It was given to the newcomer Tatyana Rogacheva:

"I did not regret a bit about my choice, the complex turned out to be very beautiful. In anticipation to a new apartment, I just want to rejoice. “I wish all the future residents of Gagarin park only good, friendship and happiness!”

The project manager Mukhamedzhan Abishev congratulated the residents:

“We are very happy that we have chosen so many families, the project team still has to justify the trust of Almaty citizens and build the second and third stages of this LCD.” In 1961, Yuri Gagarin made the first flight into space, and after 57 years, BI Group breaks through on the Almaty real estate market. It seemed symbolic and very motivating for our team. We are proud of our work, and the fact that we commissioned the house on time, not letting down the newsletters."


LCD stands out by its exterior: natural stone and flawless geometry. Gagarin Park Facade is finished with granite and travertine. It is important for us to use only environmentally friendly and safe materials.

There are one-, two- and three-room apartments in the residential complex. The minimum area of one-room is 38 sq. m. The maximum three-room area is 103 sq. m. It will be spacious and comfortable. A high-speed elevator serves residential floors and parking.

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