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The national swing appeared in the Almaty mountains

Last week, the arrangement of the Kok-Zhailau route was completed in the mountains of Almaty. At the final stage, the BIGroup company installed three paired national swings - altybakan.

"I am glad that tourists climbing the mountains will be able to have an interesting time on the national swing. Altybakan has been a favorite meeting place for young people since ancient times. In modern times, not only children, but also adults are happy with such swings. Our national attributes and traditions are loved and honored by foreign guests. Therefore, I think they will be happy to use the swing and arrange photo shoots here, and then talk about them in their countries. “The main thing is to use the altybakan and other benefits carefully , remember, that many more tourists will pass along these trails after you," noted Daniyar Ramazanov, project foreman.

As a reminder, BIGroup has already placed 42 benches, 11 pillars, 7 gazebos, 3 steles, 3 infos, a bridge and an eco-toilet on this route within the framework of the “Trails of Happiness” project.

Also, as part of the project, the company in 2021 installed huts in the mountains in partnership with the Tourism Department of Almaty. Cabins for tourists are free of charge, equipped with alarm buttons to call rescuers and everything you need: firewood, food, first aid kit.

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