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Grand opening of a mosque in the crown jewel of Kazakhstan
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The territory of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area continues to
develop, becoming enriched with new projects. On September 21,
the official opening of a new mosque with a capacity of up to 150
people took place in the village of Burabay.
Malik Kenesbaevich Murzalin, akim of the Akmola oblast delivered
his speech: “On the eve of the 90th anniversary of Burabay region, we
are opening a new mosque, built in a unique modern style. It is a
priceless gift for all the residents of the Burabay village. On behalf of
the residents of Akmola oblast, I express my special gratitude to the
builders of the BI Group company. Kazakhstan is a multi-faith
country and it pays considerable attention to issues of religion.
Interethnic understanding and peace is the main development strategy
of our state. A new mosque will benefit our country and future
generations,” said akim.

The mosque, built by BI Construction, can be called unique with
complete confidence: it is made in the avant-garde style, and at the
same time, it follows all the canons and traditions of Islam.
The Supreme Mufti Oraz Serikbay kazhy Satybaldyuly, the Chairman
of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Kazakhstan
attended the opening. “We are very pleased to be at the ceremonial
opening of the new beautiful mosque, made in a modern style. On
behalf of the Branch of the Republican Islamic Religious Association
“The Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan”, I
congratulate all the village residents of Burabay and the city of
Kokshetau on this significant event. Let this mosque become a place
of moral and spiritual education of our future generations. We express
special thanks to all the employees of the BI Group for the
implementation of such a significant project,” the Supreme Mufti

The mosque is located on the shore of Lake Burabay on Kenesary
Street. The area of the entire mosque is 1660 sq.m. There is one
minaret with dimensions in axes of 3.4х3.4 m. There are women and
men's rooms for performing ablution, a room for storing shoes and
technical rooms in the basement. There is a male prayer hall, a hall
and dressing rooms on the ground floor and a female prayer hall, an
imam's office and a reception room on the second floor. Rooms for
reading the Koran and teaching and educational groups are located on
the third floor of the mosque. In front of the main entrance, there is an
open area, made in the best traditions of landscape design. In addition,
on the territory of the mosque there are 48 parking spaces.
Zhambyl Zhetpisbayev, Director General shared his impressions:
“Today we are opening a new mosque in the avant-garde style in the
crown jewel of Kazakhstan - the Burabay village. We are very
grateful to the administration for this opportunity. It was a great
experience for us. We are very pleased that we were able to build
such a unique facility for all residents of Kazakhstan. We hope that
people will appreciate our work. Special thanks to the personnel of
the BI Group.”
New modern materials were used during the construction. Polymer
concrete panels are used in the inclined part of the facade, and a
multi-comfort glazing is used in the aluminum stained glass windows.
Exterior finish basement parts is granite and travertine. A hinged
ventilated facade system of the type VEC-FR was used for the
fastening of the facade. Each porch (from the main and courtyard
entrances) is lined with granite.
Alibek Omarov, project manager also congratulated on the opening of
the new mosque: “First of all, I would like to congratulate the BI
Group company and the project team on the successful delivery of the
mosque in the Burabay village. As a gift, the team also created a
crescent-shaped stela, the symbol of the religion of Islam. The

mosque is located near the church, which emphasizes interfaith
Special attention was paid to the lighting of the building. We used
serious equipment, carried out an individual selection of lights and
LEDs. As the result of this, the mosque looks very beautiful at day
and night. Thanks to the management of the company for the trust and
opportunity to build this holy place,” Alibek Omarov concluded.
From all of the above, it is possible to draw a fair conclusion that the
new mosque in the Burabay village meets all modern requirements for
the construction of such buildings and very soon will become one of
the key places of the spiritual life of the region.

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