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Kazakh developer brought a new format of housing to the market of Uzbekistan
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The innovative construction holding BI Group, together with the leading Uzbek developer Murad Buildings, built the first residential complexes in Tashkent. The collaboration of the largest NRG players is called a symbiosis of two cultures, the embodiment of the experience of progressive construction.

In honor of great personalities

Paying tribute to the great scientist, astronomer, statesman Mirzo Ulugbek, it was decided to name the project after him. The refined image of the NRG Mirzo Ulugbek residential complex creates a romantic style of the facade, which is intertwined with reliable technical and engineering solutions in accordance with the advanced industry standards.

Residental complex NRG Oybek is named after the great poet of the Uzbek people Oybek. In the design halls, attention is drawn to the quotes of the poet engraved on the walls and a wide variety of materials used - mirrors, marble, copper, wood and Italian porcelain stoneware. The front part of the hall is decorated with original paintings by a popular Tashkent artist.

Residential complexes NRG Mirzo Ulugbek and NRG Oybek have a very advantageous location. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, all the necessary institutions are within walking distance.

The central location of the houses provides an opportunity for the development of commercial activities. Functional layouts and advantageous logistics make the facilities attractive to visitors, ensuring business efficiency.

Interweaving of traditions and high technologies

The new building of NRG Mirzo Ulugbek is ideal for people who revere traditions. A teahouse will be built specially for all residents on the territory of the 3rd and 4th phases of the complex. One of the old rituals in mahallas is to hold “gap” (meetings) in the circle of neighbors.

For lovers of private territory, a special offer has been prepared - The City Houses. This is a private courtyard that is easily accessed from the living room. The green lawn can serve as a place for leisure activities with friends and family. There is enough space for games, barbecues and your own greenhouse.

The NRG Oybek residential complex is NRG's first smart property in the family housing category. For access to the entrances, an IP intercom with Face ID and fingerprint entry functions has been installed.

NRG Oybek's elevator part has another innovation - a touch-sensitive button for calling the elevator without the need to press it.

The yard area has an author's landscaping of many trees and shrubs. In the very center of the courtyard there is a children's playroom equipped with slot machines for teenagers, as well as an arena for the youngest residents. The children's room even has an amphitheater and easels for drawing.

In the next stage of the complex, they plan to open a guest room, where residents can celebrate any celebration. The premises will be serviced by its own service company NRG Service.

Residential complexes are equipped with keyless entry, security, video surveillance, as well as "smart" lighting in the parking lot and "smart" barriers.

Successful tandem of two countries

The leaders of construction companies believe that the Kazakh-Uzbek cooperation will serve as an impetus for the formation of sustainable professional ties, will become a driver for the development of the architectural and construction sectors of the two countries and will allow the implementation of joint projects using digital technologies.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BI Group Aidyn Rakhimbaev:

“Uzbekistan is today a major center of attraction, its economy is open to foreign investment, including international developers. Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Korean and, of course, local construction companies are represented in Tashkent. The bar has been set quite high, and we are confident that we will take a worthy place. The significant potential of the local economy, our 26 years of experience, as well as the successful tandem of Murad Buildings and BI Group open up incredible opportunities and prospects in the market of a friendly republic of 35 million.”

The economy of Uzbekistan is growing rapidly: over the past four years, the country's GDP has increased from 4.5% to 6.9%, an increase of 24%. According to experts' forecasts, the real estate market of Uzbekistan can become one of the main drivers of the country's economic development.

It should be noted that NRG has already started the implementation of the NRG U-Tower and NRG Highland projects. It is also planned to launch two more facilities. In the future, the company plans to strengthen its position in the Uzbek market.

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