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What surprised the developer the residents of new houses in Tashkent
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For many NRG company customers, the summer of 2022 was marked by pleasant events. For two weeks, the new settlers received the keys to their apartments in the Mirzo Ulugbek-3 and Oybek-2 residential complexes.


The NRG team has created a real holiday atmosphere for property owners. At the entrance to Mirzo Ulugbek, for example, there is a massive arch with colorful singing fountains, behind which there is a green area with perennial trees, ornamental bushes and an all-season lawn. Famous Uzbek designers worked on the landscape.

The unique image of the residential complex is given by the romantic style of the facade, which is intertwined with reliable technical and engineering solutions in accordance with advanced standards.


The new building is ideal for people who revere traditions. A teahouse will be built on the territory of the fourth stage very soon. One of the ancient rituals in mahallas is to hold "gap" (meetings) in the circle of neighbors.


Mirzo Ulugbek has also become the choice of young mothers, so a special zone with a non-slip coating for strolling with strollers has been created here.


During the commissioning of the complex, a sales manager and an engineering and technical employee were attached to each resident of Mirzo Ulugbek from the developer, who introduced the guest to the features of the project.


Residential complex Oybek is the first NRG smart object in the category of family housing. For access to the entrances, an IP intercom system with Face ID and fingerprint entry functions is installed. An innovation has been applied - a touch button for calling the elevator without the need to press.


The author's landscape design of many trees and shrubs has been created on the courtyard territory. In the very center of the courtyard there is a children's room equipped with slot machines for teenagers, as well as a playpen for kids, an amphitheater and easels for drawing. There is also a guest room where residents can celebrate any celebration.


Sagitzhan Sakalov, Project Manager of the Oybek residential complex:

"Professional and cultural cooperation with Uzbekistan on the example of our first constructed facilities is reaching a new level. The economy of Uzbekistan is actively developing, attracting a large number of investments. We, as builders, give this success an architectural appearance and are proud of our unique projects."


Both residential complexes have a favorable location. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, all the necessary institutions are within walking distance.  

The central location of the houses provides an opportunity for the development of commercial activities. Functional layouts and logistics make the facilities attractive to visitors, ensuring business efficiency.


There are only a few apartments left for sale.

You can get acquainted with the advantages of the complexes by visiting them in person or in the virtual space by following the links: https://mirzoulugbek.u-nrg.uz/ https://oybek.u-nrg.uz/ .


For more information, call 1060.


Recall that NRG is formed by a symbiosis of two major construction companies: the innovative construction holding BI Group and the leading Uzbek developer Murad Buildings.
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