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Completion of the large-scale project Nova City
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The transfer of keys to apartment owners in the Nova City South residential complex, which is the logical conclusion of the Nova City quarter, has started in the capital.

The object is located on 38th Street - after the construction of the new bridge, it will become a continuation of Tauelsizdik Avenue. The innovative BINOM Free School is located 5 minutes from the residential complex.

The construction of the project began in December 2020. The complex consists of 9 and 16-storey blocks. During the construction of the first four blocks, brick was used as a frame, monolith was used for the second stage, clinker brick and fiber cement panels of Austrian production were used for the facade, as well as ventilated facades in an aluminum frame.

"The main feature of the residential complex is a closed courtyard-park with a unique landscape design. In addition to the usual small architectural forms, we provided our clients with our own garden. Large-sized coniferous and deciduous trees have been planted in the yard," said Kalamkas Azhigereeva, chief engineer of the project.

"We have been choosing an apartment for a very long time, and Nova City South has become an ideal option for us, both in price and location. I like the proximity to the school most of all, we hope to have time to make repairs and move before the start of the school year," says Asem, a client of BI Group.

The residential complex has 509 apartments and 32 commercial premises. To get information on the purchase of real estate and mortgage programs, call 360 or visit the sales departments of BI Group.

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