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Our team on the First!

Our team on the First!
Almagul Alimova dreamed of becoming a confectioner, but because of an unsuccessful exam she became a crane operator. And for a quarter of a century of work in construction, she has never regretted about the choice. Now her son wants to follow in the footsteps of his mother and build houses in our capital. The story of our colleague was released on Sunday on the First Eurasia Channel in the Analytics program.

For an hour and a half spent on the construction site, journalists understood better than with any words how difficult, responsible and sometimes dangerous is the work of the tower crane operator. Almagul told about the incident which happened even before the work in BI Group, when ignition started due to a lightning strike. Keeping a cold mind, she used a fire extinguisher. When she looked out of the tower, her colleagues thought that she had turned gray because of the stress, but that was just the remains of the substance for extinguishing fire.

Today, Almagul constructs buildings of a Nova City megaproject; colleagues say that she is doing her work responsibly. By the way, there are mirrors on the cranes where women work. Even in such a profession, they do not cease to remain the beautiful half of the planet.

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