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BI Group: Main trends are innovation and digitalisation

BI Group: Main trends are innovation and digitalisation

On August 23, the presentation of the new BI Clients company was held at the capital Congress-center, also key innovative products of BI Group holding – Smart Remont and Smart Home. Event was held by the chairman of board of BI Group holding Aidyn Rakhimbayev, BI Group holding chairman Amangeldy Omarov and General Director of BI Clients Assel Zhunusova.
“Today we feel confident about the future, as we understand what challenges the market prepares and what prospects these new challenges contain”, – says the chief of the company Aidyn Rakhimbayev. For this purpose, holding development strategy is stipulated by the attempt to anticipate clients’ expectations and to provide to BI Group residents not only square meters but way of life and the most innovative product – ecosystem, where it will be comfortable to live and carry out business, and which will ensure comfort, safety and functionality.
BI Clients company is created in order to rise apartment complexes quality service to a new level, which complies with innovation and digitalisation century. Currently there are 280 houses under company management – it is about 44 000 clients.
Company strategy priorities are service quality and transparency. “People should understand where money are spent and portal gives them this opportunity: to see how much and where money is spent. When all your actions are transparent, questions grow smaller”, – says Chief of BI Clients Assel Zhunusova.
Comfort in the modern house is inconceivable without innovative products of IT- industry. World, economics and society are on the threshold of fundamental changes: artificial intellect, global digitalisation, robotics. For this purpose, prospective programs of the holding are directed at active implementation of innovative solutions both in construction technology and related directions. More specifically, the process of total digitalisation of construction processes and client servicing is going on. For this reason, both own development and company software are applied.
Smart Remont – online constructor, due to which you can make finish operations in several clicks and fulfill your the most audacious projects. Smart Remont innovative product – web-site https://smartremont.kz – provides fixed prices without hidden payments, high quality, repair within a short time.
Aidyn Rakhimbayev: “And one more big privilege for BI Group company residents: for clients, who ordered repair via smartremont.kz, BI Group presents basic set of Smart Home system. These are leakage sensors, which turn the water off at the main in your absence, “turn off everything” function, like in 5-star hotels, fire alarm and alarm button, safety system – opportunity to enter house and parkings by finger printing or face scanning (face ID). By the way, since September 2019 all BI Group houses that have been currently building will be equipped with basic accessories - digital door locks – keys and cards are in past , now your finger print is required only, which was preliminarily filled in the datebase. And what today looks in a revolutionary way but being implemented by BI Group, – it is that all Smart Home system function may be remote controlled from mobile phones or your personal computers. Via Smart Home application residents may develop work scenarios of almost all engineering and multimedia systems of the apartment. This is a revolutionary step in construction industry of Kazakhstan totally”.
Prize drawing was held in the framework of presentation among BI Group clients, such as package tour to Paris in the amount of 1 000 000 tenge and certificate for a new BI Group product – Smart Remont.
First prize – package tour to Paris – won Sara Sabiganova:
– Thank you BI Group! Frankly speaking, I did not expect it, but believed sincerely, and was so much surprised when my name was declared. I am a double client of the company, both apartments are in “Arnau” apartment complex. Now I will fly to Paris together with my son.
Smart Remont certificate was passed down to Saltanat Kazhanova:
– That much emotions! I wan to thank the company and Aidyn Rakhimbayev as well. He is an example for imitation. It is the first time to be at this presentation, everything was wonderful and company managers acted amazing.

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