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The city where dreams come true

Despite the cold Saturday day, the area of the Dream City residential complex under construction was crowded. After all, not only the future residents came, but also potential clients, who were interested in the new project. The longer we listened to our guides, the more there was a desire to go to the Sales Department and complete the purchase.
Three-meter-high ceilings, large windows, stained-glass facade and what a location! Nearby is the Botanical Garden, Nazarbayev Intellectual School is in the courtyard and it is situated in a walking distance to the shopping mall "Mega". Many of those who came to watch were satisfied with what they saw, while company’s clients once again got convinced of the right choice.

- Today there are many unscrupulous developers on the market. Of course, we were worried what would happen. Fortunately, there are reliable companies, which care about reputation. My children will live in the RC "Light House", the construction of which will soon come to an end, and because of the location we decided to choose "Dream City". There was a choice - the second or the eighth floor. We decided to take the highest floor, because I don’t like noise. It's good that you pay attention to the issue of sound insulation. We liked the large windows, the layout of the apartment and high ceilings.

Yerkin Sharipovich:
Our children live in "Arman Kala", and we decided to be closer to them in order to visit grandchildren. I remember earlier there was a bare steppe here, but thanks to BI Group it's already a new developed area. We don’t live in the old house, but it is better to live here. We are surprised how clean the construction can be.

Rashid Moldabaev, a technical documentation engineer, is sure that “Dream City” will be the final part in the "Arman Kala" microdistrict, it will undoubtedly be a beautiful complex with bright stained-glass windows and a landscaping yard that the residents will like.

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