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The second Young Presidents Organization business forum was held in Almaty

The second Young Presidents Organization business forum was held in Almaty

On April 5th, the second YPO business forum took place at the Students' Palace in Almaty.
The forum’s speakers and mentors for young entrepreneurs were five leading Kazakhstani businessmen - members of the YPO club: shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of BI Group Aydin Rakhimbayev, Globalink Logistics CEO Siddik Khan, Forbes Kazakhstan publisher Armanzhan Baytassov, co-founder and CEO of Chocofamily Holding Ramil Mukhoryapov, and director general, founder of Phaeton DC Marat Shotbaev.
Since last year the forum has been an effective platform for dialogue, thanks to which an established successful business has the opportunity to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan, to the formation of a healthy competitive environment and to support and motivate young people who are starting their own businesses. The speakers not only shared the secrets of their success but also touched upon a number of topical issues. Participants had very different background: from existing business owners to students and graduates of universities with goals to unlock their potential in the area of entrepreneurship.
Aydin Rakhimbayev believes that motivating young entrepreneurs is the mission of a successful business:
“Today we talked about efficiency, leadership, team building. I think we have spent the time wisely today investing it in young entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.
First of all, YPO for me is a community where you can talk about anything, including forbidden topics. We are always reserved, always following numerous rules but when we are surrounded by such open, honest businessmen, we can always talk about topics that we usually avoid. I hope that young businessmen will face difficulties. It is the difficulties who make us stronger and, basically, make us entrepreneurs. ”
Ramil Mukhoryapov, CEO of Chocofamily Holding:
“YPO is a special caste of self-made entrepreneurs. These are the people who you can consult and learn from, get managerial and entrepreneurial experience. If we talk about the Kazakhstani chapter, I sincerely respect these people. And speaking of global influence, this is a great networking opportunity. YPO members support each other in all matters worldwide.
I hope that the people who participated in the forum today will understand one important thing: people from the Forbes list are just ordinary people, they just once took their first step in business. No one had any chance, any quick wins, all the stories today tell us that success takes years.
I wish all the participants to be ambitious, always think about the markets beyond Kazakhstan and work hard. Maybe it will take you 5 years to do this, if you are talented, 10 years, if you are less talented, but if you devote your time and energy to this, you will undoubtedly achieve success. ”
Yerlan Dumanuly, Forbes Kazakhstan Club member
“I myself am also a young entrepreneur. We help innovative startups to attract bitcoin investments. For this purpose specifically I came from Astana to listen to the speakers, to meet in person and to offer cooperation. I try not to miss out on such events, it is very important for personal growth. It is on these sites that people make their acquaintance, which tomorrow may lead to tens of millions of dollars. I recommend everyone to be at the very heart of such events, to replenish themselves with the energy of success. Today is the time of young millionaires, the time of generation Z, the time of developed technologies. The country needs to be lead to prosperity through entrepreneurship ”.

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