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Today the project team Promenade Expo Block E has made new settlers happy, having handed over the last block of the residential complex. The owners of the keys themselves consider commissioning of the object as a wonderful gift for the New Year. After all, it is best to meet the most family holiday in a cozy place. Of course, there are pleasant troubles ahead such as renovations, furniture selection and design. The project manager Kuanysh Aitzhanov admits: Block E is in no way inferior to Block B, despite being a class below.

“Our entire team has put its soul into the construction of this residential complex, which can be seen in every detail of the object.” We assume that the design of the entrance was made by a professional designer. “We were offered several options; chose the most suitable one and put it into effect. The children's playground was designed in the airport's theme. Probably, every one of us once dreamed of becoming a pilot or an astronaut. In order to complement the composition of the yard, we installed a tortoise with three elephants. The earth rests on three elephants, which are floating on a turtle. Turtle is a symbol of longevity, and elephants symbolize prosperity. Congratulations to the new settlers with an excellent holiday, I wish them warmth and comfort in the new house!” the head of the project congratulated the new settlers.

It is worth noting that the house was commissioned ahead of schedule. The project team literally made a tradition of handing keys on the New Year. It is not the first time that the division "MRC-Astana" is pleased with its new settlers before a wonderful holiday.

The event was held in a kind, fantastic atmosphere with Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Children played with animators, adults were entertained by wonderful hosts raffling valuable prizes. Not without a delicious tea with treats.


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