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One of the country's largest holdings, the BI Group, gathered more than 700 business partners in Astana today at the annual Suppliers Forum.
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One of the country's largest holdings, the BI Group, gathered more than 700 business partners in Astana today at the annual Suppliers Forum. The main topic of discussion was the problems hampering the development of the industry, as well as innovations that will make a qualitative leap in order to compete in foreign markets. According to builders’ opinion, digitalization can become a key in this process.

“The joint path to digital transformation is our future and a serious competitive advantage. Innovations in the world have entered the industry and manufacturing long time ago. The construction can be a driver for this process in Kazakhstan. Starting with the digitization of routine processes, we will also introduce production innovations that will significantly reduce the costs, time and prime cost of construction. The final consumer is primarily interested in this. We are now actively entering foreign markets and are attracting primarily Kazakhstani companies to these projects, but the world demonstrates high demands on us and, therefore, on our partners. The forum is a platform for finding solutions that will allow our suppliers to develop. We are interested in a competitive environment and strong partners.” Aidyn Rakhimbayev, the head of the BI Group said.

The speakers presented to the audience digital tools used in the daily practice of the BI Group. Documentation, tender procurement of materials, conclusion and payment of contracts, equipment orders were transferred to electronic format. An electronic portal has been created for this purpose. It is tied with a special mobile application BI PARTNERS, available to all partners, where there is a set of operational functionality in your personal account. During the year, the developer intends to transfer all the design and project management to the BIM format, which will significantly improve the quality of construction, provide for shortcomings at the design stage and significantly reduce the time. Pilot projects implemented by the company in BIM have shown high efficiency. According to Bauyrzhan Isabayev, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BI Construction and BI Road Construction told, the holding is growing annually and today it includes 5 companies implementing 184 projects in Kazakhstan and abroad. “Our activities are divided into segments for effective management - BI Construction (public infrastructure and social purpose), BI Development (housing), BI Engineering (oil and gas and heavy industry, transport infrastructure), BI Road Construction (road construction), BI Property (management of commercial real estate). In 2018, we plan to lay 165 km of roads, to commission 210 thousand square meters of socially significant objects, 946 thousand square meters of housing and commercial real estate, to work intensively on the implementation of foreign projects in 6 countries of the world. Such forums allow us to identify systemic problems and help contractors in training and development.” Bauyrzhan Isabayev said.

Entrepreneurs of the construction sector highly appreciated the format of the forum. This was shown by the hot discussions in the hall. Some of them were decided on the spot, while others were on the agenda of the Council of BI Group Business Partners, which operates on an ongoing basis. Bolat Sadvakasov, representative of Heating Systems:

“We have been working on engineering systems with the BI Group for years. We came to the company just at the time of the creation of electronic auctions and we see progress in work even for the year, everything is systematic and well-functioning. BI is a pioneer for us and we adopt the best. I like the idea of ​​the Forum, because there is a feedback and we see that problems are solved. It's nice that the company initiates a direct conversation, and we can ask any questions and the most important thing is to get answers to them.”

At the end of the forum, the most active companies in the issues of LEAN implementation and participation in BI Group charity projects were awarded with incentive signs.

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