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YPO Forum Investment for the future
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On November 3, Astana hosted YPO Youth Business Forum,
where leaders of Kazakhstan business shared practical tips and
cases with young entrepreneurs. The event was initiated by the
Kazakh YPO chapter represented by Aidyn Rakhimbayev.
As a rule, it is not customary to talk much about business. It’s all the
fault of a “trick of the trade”, far from everyone wants to share it. And
here we have the Young Presidents Organization, a closed
international business club with its own chapters in 130 countries.
There are more than 25 thousand members of this club in the world
and each of them is a successful owner or manager of a business. In
Kazakhstan, YPO is represented by only 20 entrepreneurs and only
with their general consent the chapter can be replenished with new

The speakers of the forum were five Kazakhstani businessmen –
members of the YPO: Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of
Directors of BI Group Aydin Rakhimbayev, Shareholder and
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group Berik
Kaniyev, Shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of
Altyn Kyran Group Islambek Salzhanov, CEO of Globalink Logistics
Siddique Khan and Forbes Kazakhstan publisher Armanzhan
Many people, at the first mention of the forum, unwittingly asked:
Why should such successful people spend time on such an event? The
answer is simple – experienced businessmen know that a strong
company can only be built in conditions of active competition, which
is used as an incentive for improvement. When young people “are
snapping at your hills”, you will involuntarily join the process of
maximum active development.

From these positions, the Forum can be considered as a strategic
investment to own development, because poor is the pupil who does
not dream to surpass his master, which means that captains of
domestic business will not have a chance to relax and rest on their
laurels. Speakers are socially responsible businessmen, they see the
key to the successful development of the national economy in the
motivation of young people. Beginners, as shown by the activity of
the dialogue, are interested in the same. More than 2000 people
registered for the Forum, they clarified many aspects of
entrepreneurship in person in the hall and at a distance via online
platforms. Young people, in particular, were interested in promising
areas from the point of view of investment, conditions of successful
partnership, new technologies in the service of business, as well as
current trends, motivation issues and team building. The speakers,
acting on the principle of “time is money”, discussed with the
audience every question without unnecessary 'fluff'. No pseudo
motivational conversations – only practice and case studies from
personal experience.

“YPO Forum is a unique event. Joint events with foreign chapters are
held around the world, but many of the club’s internal events are
inaccessible to the outside audience. I am deeply convinced that our
accumulated knowledge and experience will help active young
entrepreneurs to build their business. We are not coaches – each of
the speakers is a real successful businessman, so the focus of the
Forum is on practical advice, what can benefit them in business,”
Aidyn Rakhimbayev said.
The forum took place and was successful according to all criteria.
Business leaders thus contribute to the development of
entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan, to the formation of a healthy
competitive environment and to support novice colleagues. Live

feedback showed that young people are ready to learn and try
themselves, however, as Islambek Salzhanov noted, “The world is
changing and business needs to change with it”. In order to “pull up”
and support newcomers, Kazakhstan YPO club does not rule out that
the Forum can become regular.

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