09 НОЯБРЯ / 18 BI Infra Construction
The main difficulty in our work is the climate.

It`s cold outside, but stop sitting in the office and drinking hot tea
underneath the warm blanket, even it`s best to do in
autumn/winter day. This call is made by Kazavtozhol operating
company staff together with BI Group service, which decided to
arrange the day before press tour of regional and republican
mass media journalists to the Zerenda-Shchuchinsk road to be
reconstructed by the Kazakhdorstroy division of BI Group
construction holding.

Reconstruction is aimed to link two resort towns. Now you should
have to pass Kokshetau, which is 50 km far. The new road shall
substantially shorten the distance and save time. As it`s the grain
region the project is developed based on the farmers` wishes
including needed number of exits and junctions ensuring the access
way to key localities and farm lands.

“Climate is challenging for our work, ‒ said Director of
Kazakhdorstroy Shchuchinsk branch, Tulegen Bereketov, ‒ we have
lost up to 10 working days because of rains. However, we managed to
catch up: worked in two shifts, promptly removed consequences and
went ahead. Progressive process solutions promote our successful
work. Firstly, it is the 3D-leveling system produced by Trimble
company. It simplifies and boosts production. And also substantially
saves time and material, including oils and lubricants. Equipment
wear is reduced, while you can carry out double works per one shift,
efficiency shall rise by 25%. Besides we have the hi-tech laboratory,
GPS-tracking system and mobile crushing and screening plants. In
addition, we widely use Lean tools. For instance, correct arrangement
of asphalt concrete plants near open pits enables reducing time to
transport material in the significant manner”.

The road project is divided into three lots: 0-30 km, 30-47 km and 47-
80 km. Accordingly, its total length is 80 km. The road belongs to the
3 rd category, only first 7 km of the 1-st lot has the 2-nd category. Two traffic lines each 3.5 meters wide. Total width of the roadway is 7
meters. Design speed is 100 km/h.
“After completion of the road bed we will lay 63 culverts, install 4
bus shelters, and also equip two rest areas along the road. In addition,
we provide 15 km of snow control and 14 km of guard rails. The new
road shall cross some localities such as Zlatopolye, Savinka,
Vedenovka, M. Gabdullin, Serafimovka and others”, ‒ said Deputy
Director of Kazavtozhol JSC Akmola branch, Amangeldy
Berimzhanov during the press tour.

Kazakhdostroy team places bottom (ground and mineral mixture) and
upper (organic and mineral mixture) layers of the base, lays coarse-
graded asphaltic concrete by all three lots in the construction period to
be completed. The project involves up to 700 specialists and more
than 150 units of road building equipment at the peak of the season.
Notwithstanding constant rain in the region, the building team has
successfully overcome difficulties and managed to exceed the target
by 3.5 bln. KZT. Service life of the road after delivery is 20-30 years.
Warranty is 3 years. Works by all three lots shall be completed in
May next year. Moreover, the bypass road is open for local citizens in
winter, which is regularly maintained by the company at own cost.

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