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There is no such a thing as a perfect house
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Vivat Promenade RC has been delivered in Astana. The final
Promenade name is used without the EXPO word now. We decided to
find changes compared to previous stages besides the signage.

The celebratory ceremony has been changed. The project team
together with BI-Zhuldyzai fund performed the Tusau kisser ritual.
Some citizens couldn`t stop crying, when they saw the first baby steps
of the nine-year-old Amal Yessekeneyev. By the way, the company
staff allocates the part of the monthly salary for treatment and
rehabilitation of children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Now, we list differences below. The first is facade. Our region likes
Noble travertine, but FunderMax Austrian panels are more resistant to
the northern climate. Moreover, beautiful wood-based color looks
cosy. The yard is closed. All flats have video door
intercommunication systems. So unexpected guests, different
networkers cannot enter the house. The complex is equipped with
videocameras, including, Kupol systems to monitor children playing
in the yard. It is the first company house, where the security post is
located near the parking, but not inside it. Security can work in broad
daylight, which is encouraging.
We decided not to build terraces, as we are not in Italy. But we have
two-level offices, good for entrepreneurs. Commercial premises have
individual exhaust ventilation. If the restaurant is open, then smells
shall not get into the flat. Windows are big and picture, but warm.
Power-efficient glasses and company convectors are well operating.
The house has two-exit porches, outside front door. Here are
designer`s chandeliers, mirrors, pram storage room. Business class
elevators are produced by Silver company from South Korea. Portals
are made of marble and zinced steel. We will show all this at the
presentation day, but cover for the period of repair made by residents.

We have the children`s area: the yard has hills, tunnel. There are all
needed exercise machines for active lifestylers. It`s difficult to plant
trees due to parking, but we install flowerpots. We plant the Siberian
spruce, white poplar, ash, lilac, barbery around the house, while
stones for Alpine rock gardens are transported from Pavlodar region,
legendary Bayanaul.
Residents are pleased what we`ve shown them.
—The house exceeded my expectations. I`ve known that 2
kindergartens are to be built near it. It`d be better to build 1
kindergarten and 1 school, as the district is fast growing, but we
understand that social infrastructural issues are within the akimat`s
competence, but not developer.

— The house is beautiful and cosy. Cameras control everything, the
yard is closed. Firstly, we concern the repair: whom to hire, where to
buy materials, how to control finishers? But it turns that the company
offers different solutions on finishing works. We can choose Standard
and Comfort packages offered by customers or partners, or Smart
project. Everything is convenient and made for people.

A curious detail is that only one-room apartments are left. It means
that people buy apartments to live, but not lease. The project manager
thinks that free one-room apartments will be sold under the 7-20-25
program. Some offices will also be sold due to convenient location.
There is no such a thing as a perfect house, but the project team
headed by Nyshanaly Kaldybayev made its best to make it nearly

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