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Investments in good: social projects of a Kazakhstan developer.

What social projects were supported by the domestic developer 

One of the essential components of BI's success is the traditional commitment to ESG principles:

responsible attitude to the environment (E — environmental);

social responsibility (S — social);

high quality of corporate governance (G — corporate governance).

ESG investments are popular among the world's largest companies, because any business is not only about income, but also about taking care of society and the environment. BI Group's constant focus is on helping special children, supporting education, eco–movement, popularization of sports and the state language. We will continue to develop these areas in the future.

Adhering to transparency, we continue quarterly publication of the results of our corporate and social activities.  The implementation of these projects would be impossible without the participation of our clients, partners and employees!

For 27 years, the philanthropy of the backbone holding BI Group has transformed from one-time projects to systemic charitable investments. Corporate social responsibility is one of the key areas of the company.

CSR results for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

"Zhuldyzai" gives a chance for a full life to special children.

Every year, employees, shareholders and top management of BI Group deduct part of their salaries to the public fund "Zhuldyzai". Over 4 years, more than 1.1 billion tenge has been allocated to help children with special needs.

In general, thanks to the activities of the foundation, 128 children with complex diagnoses took their first steps in life, 55 babies started talking, more than 12 thousand children were rehabilitated in medical centers, more than 26 thousand received highly qualified consultations, including from invited foreign doctors. Almost 900 complex operations were carried out with the participation of world-renowned professors.

So, a leading pediatric orthopedist from Israel, Mark Eidelman, came to Astana with a master class. He performed 12 surgical interventions for congenital hip dislocation in Kazakhstan.


"In Israel, I do not operate on such cases, because they are rare. In the master class, I wanted to share my knowledge with colleagues and show the technology that we use," the professor said.



Contribution to the development of the country's ecology

The company is actively conducting a greening program for the country. Since 2019, more than 49 thousand plants have already been planted: over 16.3 thousand trees, 31 thousand shrubs and 2.5 thousand hedges. In Astana alone, the estimated cost of the events was 597 million tenge.

The BI Green campaign has become an annual good tradition of the Holding. In April, it was held in Atyrau for the first time, and in October more than 200 pine trees decorated the territory of the Greenline Bigville on the left bank of the capital. About 150 residents of the houses regularly take part in the event.

"The purpose of our traditional event is greening the city and attracting residents themselves to planting. Thanks to the campaign, courtyards and parks become more beautiful and cozy. We will carry out this work on an ongoing basis to make Astana a real green oasis," the representative of BI Group said.

Environmental conservation as an ESG policy of the company

This year, the company abandoned 90% of printed media in favor of digitalization. Thus, builders strive to maintain a policy of waste-free production, with minimal damage to the environment. All necessary information is issued in electronic format. Almost 2.5 million sheets of paper or 200 trees were saved only due to online documents of clients, which is equal to an entire square. Also, within the framework of the Green marketing course, the production of booklets about residential complexes, instructions, business cards, folders, notebooks, catalogs has been stopped – this is about 100 million more pages.

Popularization of sports

The Holding pays special attention to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. On August 14, 2022, the capital hosted two of the largest international races in Central Asia - BI Group Ironman 70.3 Astana and BI Group Ironman Kazakhstan. Triathlon starts are considered the most prestigious and one of the most difficult one-day competitions in the world. They take place throughout the year in various parts of the globe. Among the CIS countries, this event was held for the first time in Kazakhstan thanks to a leading domestic developer. More than 1,700 people from 56 countries took part in the competition. 23 of our compatriots managed to win slots at stake.

Support for smart games

In Shymkent, the company held the first city rating tournament BI Chess, dedicated to the centenary of Asanbai Askarov. 125 local chess players took part in it. The competitions were held in two age categories: up to 60 years and from 60 years and older. The winners were determined in accordance with the FIDE international regulations. Getting into this rating is the goal of any chess player.


The Kazakh developer also supports other social initiatives. So, as part of the popularization of the state language, since 2018, the developer has allocated 674 million tenge for dubbing 13 full-length films from the world's leading film studios: Disney, Marvel, Sony Pictures.

Development of technical professions.

The BI Group's constant focus within the framework of the sustainable development policy is the support of the education sector. The Peoples' Friendship University named after Academician A. Kuatbekov and the construction company signed a memorandum of cooperation and cooperation on the development of technical specialties in the southern region.

Students are provided with the following list of opportunities: coaching lectures from the company's management for students and teaching staff of the People's Friendship University; industrial practice in the Holding; visiting projects and construction sites; inviting the best students once a year to large-scale events with the participation of BI Group shareholders; development of a special educational unit in the field of digitalization at the university.

In addition, the company makes a significant contribution to the field of education with such projects as: BINOM schools, Quantum Stem Schools, construction of Michigan State University in the capital, business training for builders at BI University, etc.

A detailed presentation in three languages can be downloaded here:


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