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Competition in Italy is coming

On August 13 - 26 BI Group iron people completed the two-week
training in Borovoe village. Let`s remember that young people train to
participate Ironman-2018 in Cervia, Italy. They will pass full iron
distance - 4 km swimming, 180 km bicycle race and 42 km marathon.
Sportsmen had to be rigorously selected to receive the slot at
IRONMAN 70.3 Astana, international triathlon competition.⠀

Five mostly trained among 30 employees such as Arman Lesbekov,
Zhalgas Nurmukhanov, Diyas Dyusebekov, Nauryz Serkebayeva,
Dinara Sapabekova and Kuanysh Aubakirov have showed the best
results. Kuanysh won the slot to IRONMAN in the South-African
Republic and became one of three participants from Kazakhstan.⠀

BI Group team triathlon coach, Yerzhan Zhaparov, told how Borovoe
training is different from capital:⠀

— Traditional training in Borovoe is the final stage to train and go to
IRONMAN in Italy. Mountain landscape in Borovoe promotes
training, as all knows that Italian route is also hilly. There is a water
basin enabling integrated triathlon training. Each of participants is
busy at work in Astana, and cannot train in full, but there young
people can train hard and don`t get distracted.

Zhalgas Nurmukhanov, HSE engineer, has been training to pass the
full distance about two years. He thinks that it`s necessary train out of

— Our morning starts from exercise, running, bicycle race. All
depends on the daily training program. Training in Borovoe
significantly improved our results, as there we apply all forces only to
train, eat and sleep according to the schedule.⠀

Nauryz Serkebayeva said that training in Borovoe is more efficient
and improves her personal results:⠀

— I have already noticed a big progress of my sport results. Thanks
to Yerzhan, who supervises us and criticise. We look forward to
participate in the marathon in Italy, as we`ve trained for the whole
year, some of us spent two years. The marathon will start in 18 days,
we wish them success and good route! Meanwhile Kuanysh
Aubakirov finished in one of the hardest races IRONMAN 70.3
WorldChampionship 2018 in the South-African Republic and showed
good results. We congratulate Kuanysh and wait for his arrival to

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