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Customer is shocked by service of BI Group manager!

On August 9 Baurzhan Zhetdikbayev with wife, who bought the
apartment in Kamal 4 RC of BI Group company, were invited to the
sales department to review the agreement. Then Baurzhan Askarovich
went to the manager and saw something wondeful…
While talking with Customer the manager Diyas Duysebekov started
talking about sports, then train in front of customers. Weights, jump
rope, velosimulator are exercise machines, which are used during
business meetings with customers.
At that time company managers were biking across the office.
Shocked clients continue to watch the show, until employees award
the prize certificate to Baurzhan Zhetdikbayev, because he became
the 35,000th BI Group customer and the main person of the sports
giveaway. By the way Diyas is a real sportsman, who has been
training to finish the hardest race called Ironman. Customer also goes
in for sports and play hockey. The company gifts the free parking in
the house, where they have bought the apartment to anniversary
customers, which is the annual tradition!
  “Yesterday the manager called us to the office to correct mistakes in
the agreement. We came to the sales department. We bought
apartments in July 2018 in Kamal 4 RC 4 and it`s our first own
apartments. When Diyas started doing exercises, we`ve been confused
Occasionally we asked the manager today about the parking. When
the company gifted us the paring, we were on the seven heaven. We
dreamed to buy BI Group apartment for a long time, our family liked
our Kamal house. We are glad that Kazakhstan has such a company
building comfortable houses”, - said Zhetdikbayevy family.
“We as usually congratulated the 35,000-th customer and awarded the
parking certificate. This year the anniversary customer is the young
family with three children. We are very glad to make them happier!”,
- said Head of the Sales Department, Gulsum Shokarova.

Meanwhile the company is getting ready to congratulate next
anniversary customer.

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