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Comfort in details

The sixth stage of popular Arnau RC has no differences compared to
earlier built houses at first sight. But it isn`t so. Progress is a dynamic
process, and the project team has implemented a number of

Brick is the favorite material in our northern region. That`s why
Arnau is so popular. It`s not just words. All 193 apartments in the
complex are sold.

The team could copy the excellent project, but offered improvements
to make the house better.
‒ We increased height of glass windows from 1.5 to 1.7 meters. It
means much light in apartments, and consequently sunny public
mood. Moreover, we decided not to use rough metal grids but
bulletproof glass on the second floor of the house from the yard side,
‒ said Project Head, Igor Belobrov.

We have a number of other pleasant improvements. For instance,
modern hall design using popular and eco-friendly MDF panels of the
most advanced Lifan Breeze heaters.
Clients were pleased after what they`d seen.

Abishevy family:
‒ We like that the company is continuously growing. For instance,
here we used the wall-in-wall technology and protection against

impact noise not only in apartments, but common areas. The comfort
class complex is well presented.

Seitkhozhiny family:
‒ We like the location, car-free closed yard, modern child`s
playgrounds and exercise machines.

The complex is surrounded by the green belt. We planted pines,
spruces, poplars, lilac, juniper, mountain ash. In future, we plan to
build the kindergarten. As we said above, there are no free
apartments, but we have offices and parking places. Ask detailed
information in sales departments.

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