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Light House: together to better tomorrow

As we approach the holidays Kazakhstan people will rest for the
whole four days. But our builders work continuously to commission
the house as soon as possible. They finished Vremena goda.Leto RC
towards the Constitution Day, and now they commission Light House
on the Knowledge Day. Following the words of Project Head, Askar
Shaizin, nearly all apartments have already been sold, but there are
some free variants, but you should hurry up:⠀
— Light House consists of two stages, construction has officially
started in June 2017, we deliver the facility earlier than 1.5 month. It`s
a sign to commission the facility in such a special day. Many people
like our residential complex located in the intersection of two streets
of Barayev and Valikhanov. Our architects tried to make it different
from other houses, which would be seen from far away. We put our
heart and soul to build this house, hope that all our residents will take
care of it as we do! — said Askar Saitovich.⠀
Holiday was successful, we arranged the special program for adults,
while animators entertained children. Organizers took into account
weather conditions and made the holiday in the warm and
comfortable parking. And also we had the buffet table, future
neighbors had the opportunity to talk over tea.⠀
Ainur Turanova came from sunny Shymkent, and bought the
apartment in the lightful residential complex. She acknowledged that
she instantly liked the house:⠀
— My little sister helped me to choose the apartment having one in
BI Group. Today is the exciting and happy day for me. I like location
of Light House, it`s very easy to get to the left bank. Big thanks to
builders for such a nice house. We are happy!⠀
Nazgul Shayakhmetova came to share the joy with the sister, being
the teacher she came after the celebratory assembly:⠀
— BI Group is a very reliable company, we know it at first hand. We
liked location of Light House at once. I live not far from it, now I`ll

more often visit my sister. Such a great holiday, big thanks to BI
Group company. We wish many children laughing and happily living
in this house! ⠀
Kairat Nurtazin bought the apartment for children and hope that`s not
the last one to be purchased in BI Group:⠀
— Today my grandson started school and we get our long-waited
keys. I`m very happy that our country has such a company as BI
Group. I`ve known that you build not only houses, but roads. It`s a
great holiday today, we are very happy! ⠀
We should note the child`s playground of the residential complex
having all to play for little children, and exercise machines for adults.
Moreover, builders installed the symbolic structure of the light station
reflected in the name of the house, LightHouse. And also there are
camels on the ground walking towards the light station.
We congratulate residents with the new home! Only good things are
ahead of them such as repair and move!⠀

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