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A world-renowned doctor operated on Kazakhstan children again

The leading pediatric orthopedist from Israel, Mark Eidelman, visited our country for the third time and for the second time - within the framework of the MUMKINDIK project of the “Zhuldyzai” corporate foundation. During his visit, the well-known professor performed 11 complex operations for young patients for free.

Surgical interventions became the basis of the international master class “Surgical treatment of congenital hip dislocation in children and adolescents” by Mark Eidelman for 28 Kazakhstan doctors from all regions. During the 3 days of his stay in the capital, the Doctor of Medical Sciences taught local aesculapians techniques and methods of unique operations for the rarest diagnoses. Some cases, as the surgeon admitted, were difficult for him.

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to visit Kazakhstan again. Unfortunately, there are many serious pathologies, and I make every effort to help patients. Some operations were performed on children who had already passed the first stage. I brought with me special equipment for certain types of surgical interventions. I have no doubt that everything will be fine,” the professor said.

Mark Eidelman, MD, Director of the Haiva Ruth Hospital, Professor at the “Technion” University of Technology in Israel, ranks third in the ranking of leading pediatric orthopedists in the world. “During her 14 years of life, my daughter underwent 6 operations. She has a congenital bilateral dislocation, has a disability. We arrived from Taraz, 4 operations on the right leg and 2 on the left leg were done there. The next one was also supposed to take place in our hometown, but the doctors sent us to Astana, since the surgical intervention was complex and voluminous, it took place with the advisory participation of a professor from Israel. Many thanks to the doctor!” - said the mother of one of the patients.

The “Zhuldyzai” Corporate Foundation has been implementing the MUMKINDIK mentoring program in the republic since 2004, and only this year, thanks to its financing, 7 foreign doctors conducted master classes in 4 regions of our country. Over the entire period of the project, 900 children were operated on and over 4 billion tenge of the state budget and funds of parents of children with pathologies were saved.

The general and only partner of the project is the construction holding BI Group.

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