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Astana has the new Alley

It`s difficult to grow trees over the parking. As usually, you can plant
only flowers and bushes. But the Kamal fifth stage team have found
the way out. They set planting stocks on the place of their project
Builders decided to attract residents and called them in house chats.
Notwithstanding the weekend citizens (not only the fifth stage)
hurried to plant trees by whole families in Saturday morning.
Developer prepared pits, planting stocks and tools, while residents
have already planted trees.
It`s the first tree to be planted by the 6-year Akhmet. His mother said
when her son had known about this action, he determined to
participate in it. “We live in the Kamal second stage, but came here,
because we like this square, to walk here and wish to green this area.
This year our son went to the first grade and that`s his first planted
tree”, ‒ said Aizhan.

“It is symbolic that we bought the apartment in the Kamal RC fifth
stage, and now we are setting the lilac. One week passed, and we re-
assured that the choice was correct, moreover, we bought it under 7-
20-25 program”, ‒ said young couple ‒ Serik and Botagoz.
“We`ve already planted 27 birches, 25 pines, 12 apple trees, 3 spruces
and lilac bushes in the square. Next year we will plant flowers”, ‒
said Director of Zhassyl Amir subcontracting organization, Kanat

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