04 СЕНТЯБРЯ / 18 BI Construction & Engineering
Nazarbayev avenue has been reconstructed in Almaty

On September 4 the President of Kazakhstan has visited reconstructed
streets in the southern capital, including Abay and Nursultan
Nazarbayev avenues.

Reconstruction is aimed to renew old road coating, greening
elements: pavements, curbs, canals; greening (tree planting and grass
lawn); external lighting and small architectural forms (stops, benches,
ash bins); fountains; utilities and gas supply.

The section of streets designed by BI Construction is more than 3 km.
In this territory we laid 29 thsd. sq.m. block pavement, greening is 34
thsd. sq.m., installed 3 fountains, 13 stops, 151 bench, 168 bollards
(signposts), 68 ash bins, 300 street lights, replaced 1.4 km trolley
lines, modernized 4.5 thsd. linear meters of drainage canals.
Furthermore BI Construction company presented the children`s
playground in the square of Mametova, Makatayeva streets and
Nazarbayev avenue.

Project Head, Daniyar Ospanov, told about difficulties faces by his
team during reconstruction:
“On September 1 we finished the first project BI Construction in
Almaty. Original tasks were expanded, and completed with additional
ones in the middle of the project as follows: renewal of trolley lines,
installation of traffic lights. The project was difficult, because we
couldn`t block roads and operate in confined spaces. Pedestrians
could freely walk across the reconstructed territory, which was
uncomfortable both for them and us. The project has been partially

changed in process hindering our work, but we met deadlines and
completed the work without any losses. It was a great experience!»
City inhabitants have already assessed the renewed road and the
pedestrian side of the avenue. Almaty citizens and visitors should
check it walking the street or looking through our photographs.
Let`s remember that BI Construction started to reconstruct the
pedestrian side of Nazarbayev avenue, on the section from Abay
avenue to Raimbek avenue on June 14, 2018.

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