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Exhibition "Let's Win Together" together with the Central State Museum

In the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of Almaty, the exhibition "We will win together!" This is a joint project with BI Group. It is dedicated to doctors who work in the "red" zone in infectious diseases hospitals, as well as to the memory of medical workers who died during the fight against the pandemic.

The exhibition was opened by a gallery of portraits of doctors in Nur-Sultan - the project of the photographer Ruslan Mazunin "Rizamyz". These are 101 photographs of doctors and medical personnel of the infectious diseases hospital in the capital.

Creative professionals - poets, painters, musicians, designers and singers presented their creations at the exhibition. On display are paintings by Georgy Li, a composition by artists Tamara Elfimova and Dzhokhar Ismailov, paintings by students of art studios in Almaty. The poet Bakhyt Kairbekov wrote a soulful poem dedicated to friends who observe quarantine. The design works of Berik Ismailov and his team are on display.

“I saw something similar abroad. It has always amazed me how people in other countries express their gratitude to doctors. And then I asked myself: why don't we have this? Everything that has happened over the past year and a half has left a big mark in our hearts, but I wanted to show the smiles of the doctors, as a symbol of hope that everything will be fine. During the shooting, I tried to make every medical worker like his portrait. Each of them: orderlies and orderlies, nurses and nurses, resuscitators, infectious disease specialists, doctors, paramedics - all work to save the lives of patients, ”Ruslan Mazunin shared.

Everyone's contribution to the fight against the pandemic is invaluable. The exhibition will run until July 11, 2021.
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