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Smart homes in Astana will be available to everyone in 2019

Availability is the main advantage of the product of the BI Group company. Now elements of the smart home can be installed not only in the premium and business, but also in all other classes of housing. The capabilities of the system are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. They are able to modernize the comfort and safety of housing.

There is a parking, automatically opening the door in front of your car, automatic elevator operation, a comfortable level of temperature and humidity, a sensor that detects water leaks and overlaps it. All this and much more is no longer fiction, but a reality that specialists of the technology company BeInTech, engaged in the digitalization of the BI Group holding, will begin to introduce in residential complexes next year.

We do not have to talk about usefulness of these innovations. For example, pipe breaks are usually happen when people are at work or on vacation. During this time, the water manages to cause great damage to property, sometimes not of one floor. With the new system, if a leak happens, the water will be blocked in time. Another problem of the metropolis is burglary. It often happens in the summer season, when many people are on vacation. Now it is not necessary to ask relatives or neighbors to look after the apartment, the system will do it for you. In the case of entering the house, the motion sensor will inform the owner about the uninvited guest. “All parameters, such as the level of humidity, temperature, lighting, and water consumption will be displayed on a tablet installed in the apartment,” Mars Akishev, BeInTech associate expert said.

“The BI Group clients are already familiar with the BI Clients mobile application, where they can pay utility bills, close accounts by installments, download real estate certificates and much more. As part of a pilot project, we launched the elements of smart home and improved this application. Now you can load a car number into the application, which allows you to enter a parking lot without a remote control. An interesting innovation was the development of Face ID at the entrance of houses. In addition, it became possible to control the entry phone system remotely and the call is synchronized in the application. The smart home system is completely integrated with the BI Clients mobile application. A full launch of these updates is expected in the second half of 2019,” Askar Zhambakin, head of the BeInTech strategy and analysis center said.

It should be noted that the residents of our houses have already appreciated a number of implemented innovations, for example, tastamats (https://tastamat.kz). Today, you do not need to ask for leave from work to wait a courier. Your New Year's gift or correspondence can be obtained in this special device. A good house is not only warm and bright house, but it is also high-tech. All these will be available in the new BI Group houses in the second half of 2019.

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