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We have found the most cosy and comfortable house in the capital

How often do you want to escape from the city bustle, high traffic and
long jams? Would you like to live and rest in the quiet neighborhood
with the yard safe for you and your children? If yes, then Nura Esil 2
RC is perfect for you!
On October 27 Nura Esil 2 RC residents had the gala presentation.
Party songs and fiery dances matched joyful and happy mood of
future residents. The Project Head, Arman Kabylas, told about
advantages and profits of this house:
—Nura Esil residential complex is located in Uly Dala avenue at the
intersection of Tauyelsizdik street. The floor number is four and
seven. We used eco-friendly materials produced by reliable
manufacturers to build this residential complex. The house design is
the yurt. The central composition is the chest meaning wealth. The
second stage has 9 porches, 179 apartments. Each apartment has big
picture windows. We tried to build the cozy and convenient child`s
playground. That`s why we used European materials. We decided to
install all the best in our residential complex.
It is important that Tauyelsizdik street shall be extended soon, which
is the additional profit for this district residents. We took the poll to
know what attracts future residents besides location and vehicle
— I`m very happy for my grandson, so I`ve come to support him.
Today he and his family will get the first apartment. The presentation
is held at the high level, it`s a big holiday for us. Thanks BI Group
company and all builders contributing construction of our house. I
wish comfort and warmth to all new residents, — said Ryssaldy
We have looked for an apartment about three months, but finally
chose Nura Esil. We together with my husband very liked the yard.
We have a small daughter, so the child`s playground is very important

for us! Big windows, beautiful porch and safe yard also influenced
our choice. Today we come with our parents, because they made our
dream come true and bought this nice apartment for us. We are
happy! — said Amangeldy family.
BI Group wish new residents to carry out repair within short time and
live happy in new flats!

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